Oracle Grid Infrastructure Standalone Agents for Oracle Clusterware 11g Rel. 2, 12c, 18c and 19c

  1. Current version: v10
  2. Supported platforms: AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
  3. Supported applications: Oracle GoldenGate, Siebel, Apache, PeopleSoft, MySQL, JD Edwards, WebLogic and Oracle E-Business Suite
  4. Reference Guide: Oracle Grid Infrastructure Agents Reference Guide

New in XAG v10:


  • Upgrades of Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents must be performed through the Oracle Grid Infrastructure patching and upgrade process.  


    When upgrading to XAG v10, the installer will automatically upgrade all existing XAG types and resources to the latest release. Existing resources will be managed and monitored by the agents from the latest release. The prior XAG version installations can be deleted at any time after the most recent version is installed. 

    If the automatic upgrade of XAG is not desirable and existing XAG resources should continue operating with the prior XAG versions, run the installer with the --no_auto_upgrade option : 

    $ ./ --install --directory <...> --no_auto_upgrade 

    In some cases, the automatic upgrade may fail if some XAG resources or types were registered earlier as 'root' user (for e.g if the 'agctl add ...' was run as 'root' in the prior XAG version). In such a case, the XAG automatic upgrade will fail with the following error message : 

    $ ./ --install --directory <...> --all_nodes 

    CRS-0245:  User doesn't have enough privilege to perform the operation"

    Please rerun 'agctl upgrade deployments' as 'root'. 

    If this error is hit, please run 'agctl upgrade deployments' as 'root' after the XAG installation is complete. This command will upgrade all existing XAG resources and types to the latest version (v10.1). 

    # /u01/xagv10/bin/agctl upgrade deployments