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Oracle Global Pricing and Licensing
Tax Certificate

Tax Certificate

Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate

As a result of the acquisition of PeopleSoft, Inc. by Oracle Corporation, various PeopleSoft and Oracle entities are being reorganized and/or renamed. As of March 1, 2005, the US operations of Oracle Corporation (TIN# 94-2871189) and PeopleSoft USA, Inc. (TIN# 84-1332677) will do business as Oracle America, Inc. (TIN# 94-2805249).

In light of the organizational changes discussed above, the states will require Oracle America, Inc. to obtain new resale or exemption certificates from your company or organization for merchandise/services purchased in order to continue to purchase merchandise exempt from state and local sales tax.

For your convenience, please download the Uniform Sales Use Tax Certificate–Multijurisdiction (PDF), fill it out and return it to us at the following address. Include your name and phone number in case we need to contact you with questions.

Oracle America, Sales Tax Department
PO Box 5200
Belmont, CA 94002

If this form is not appropriate for your purchases, please forward the appropriate resale or exemption certificate. You may access other state forms at:

Questions or Concerns?
Contact the Oracle Tax Department at 650.506.7000.