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Start Now with Oracle Student Financial Planning

The combination of increased competition for students, changing student needs, and an unpredictable regulatory environment makes financial aid and delivering exceptional – and affordable – services to students challenging. Oracle Student Financial Planning is a game-changing financial aid solution that manages each student’s financial plan individually and provides real-time visibility into a student’s entire programs, supporting better informed financial decisions and optimized outcomes.

Spend More Time with Students

Spend More Time with Students and Less Time on Process

  • Streamline the financial aid process while improving the experience and outcome for students
  • Reduce processing costs and speed up workflows for more timely, accurate student aid with more advisory capability
  • Enable regulatory compliance via expert system-rule automation
  • Promote responsible borrowing for higher graduation rates
  • Produce system-generated corrective suggestions and proactive interventions for improved outcomes
  • Turn financial aid into a strategic capability
See It In Action

Product Features

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Three simple steps to understanding their complete financial aid picture. Actively drives student action and engagement.

Student Advisors

Real-time eligibility infographic instantly highlights required action for students and schools. Answers key questions such as How much? When? Why?

Student Finance Admins

Dynamic, real-time, multiyear funding. Full data input/output snapshot for every change. The system explains behavior/calculations.

Education Executives

Views to drive critical decisions; Drives towards accelerated institutional cash-flow and maximum operational efficiency.

Oracle Student Financial Planning


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Oracle Student Financial Planning Cloud manages each student's financial plan independently and provides real-time visibility into a comprehensive, multiyear plan, enabling students to get instant feedback on the financial implications of their academic behavior and empowering them to make better informed academic and borrowing decisions.

Multiacademic Model Support

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Most financial aid solutions are not able to address the new, flexible, and far more complex academic models required to accommodate the 21st-century learner. Student Financial Planning is designed specifically to simultaneously support all academic models—nonterm, standard term, nonstandard term, and competency—based education—giving institutions the flexibility to embrace new and innovative programs.

Comprehensive Fund Management

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Student Financial Planning allows institutions to define an infinitely flexible set of funds—state grant, private loans, institutional grants/loans, scholarships, and more. It leverages data from all ecosystem software and matching public and private funding sources and criteria in real time to student financing requirements, allowing students the opportunity to take on less debt.

Actionable Analytics

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Using a rules-based expert system architecture, Oracle has created a paradigm shift in the type and the way student finance and academic data is collected and managed. Real-time integration and management of student finance data and student lifecycle-event triggers enables the unique ability to perform predictive/prescriptive analytics on student lifecycle patterns, driving proactive actions to improve student outcomes and institutional performance.



Butler University to Modernize Financial Aid Process

Butler University begins their journey to the cloud by selecting Oracle Student Financial Planning.


Butler University Working to Simplify Financial Aid

Butler University selects Oracle Student Financial Planning Cloud Service to automate daily processing and reduce the complexity of financial aid.


Is Financial Aid Slowing Down your Institution?

Student debt continues to be a massive issue for students in the United States who collectively owe an estimated $1.5T in loans. Navigating cost and financial aid is a crucial step in a complex higher education process towards students getting a college degree. (PDF)


Be Future- Ready with Oracle Student Financial Planning

Student Financial Aid Is Not Scary: Be Future-Ready with Oracle Vocado Student Financial Planning.


Oracle Student Cloud- Responsible Borrowing

Oracle Student Cloud helps students find the optimal mix of financial aid funds. Increasing the likelihood that students have the funding they need to complete school encourages responsible borrowing.


Oracle Student Cloud: Extreme Automation for Financial Aid

Oracle Student Financial Planning, part of Oracle Student Cloud, allows higher education institutions to increase operational efficiency through extreme automation.


Butler University goes live with Oracle Student Cloud

Butler University goes live with Oracle Student Cloud and is partnering with Oracle to transform financial aid. Butler University sees Oracle Student Cloud as a game-changer in how to approach financial aid for students.


Oracle Student Cloud: A Student Centric Approach

Oracle Student Financial Planning, part of Oracle Student Cloud, takes a student-centric approach to addressing the complexity of financial aid.

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