Adaptive Digital Manufacturing

Though automation and digitization have increased productivity and velocity of business operations to meet the global competitive pressures, manufacturers are still facing challenges in increasing OEE, managing quality involving complex supply chains, finding and resolving root-causes quickly, and meeting the ever-increasing customer expectations.

Oracle’s Adaptive Digital Manufacturing solution provides a powerful set of tools for monitoring assets and processes in real-time, providing predictive insights and rule-based alerts on IoT data, converging and contextualizing enterprise data with operational data, utilizing adaptive intelligence to seek out hidden insights in the big data, and implementing closed loops to enable faster corrective actions based on the insights. The result is a digital productivity solution with an ability to assist and adapt to the dynamic manufacturing needs and circumstances.

Adaptive Digital Manufacturing Capabilities



Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Apps for monitoring.


Predictive Insights

AI Apps for Manufacturing for predictive insights.


Integration and Automation

Java Cloud Service, Database Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud for integration and automation.


Manufacturing and Maintenance

Manufacturing Cloud, Maintenance Cloud for execution.