Digital Logistics

From streamlining transportation networks to fine-tuning warehouse operations, companies rely on logistics solutions to manage their supply chains, accelerate fulfillment activities, and simplify a wide range of business processes. However, many of today’s logistics applications are based on rigid technologies that can’t adequately support the many inter- related facets of global logistics management, enable supply chains that differentiate across segments, or properly manage costs to improve business outcomes. These legacy applications are expensive to operate, upgrade, and maintain. And because they are based on older technology, they lack the sophisticated mobile, social, and analytic capabilities that global companies need to increase visibility, optimize operations, and improve customer satisfaction across multiple channels.

As supply chains become increasingly consumer-driven, astute businesses respond by automating material handling, order fulfillment, shipments, and import/export processes. With supply chains continuously changing and becoming more complex, logistics and distribution networks need to become more agile as well, so they can store and ship products and materials on a global scale.

Transportation management systems simplify the planning and execution of physically moving goods across supply chains. They help organizations control transportation costs, improve internal efficiencies, and secure transport capacity. Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service supports the needs of both shippers and logistics service providers by combining ease of use with sophisticated logistics functionality.

Many warehouse managers struggle to orchestrate the end-to-end logistics processes necessary for modern fulfillment operations. Meeting the demands of digitally connected consumers requires complete visibility into rapidly moving inventory, from regional distribution centers to local warehouses to retail shelves. Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service offers multichannel demand and execution processes that allow you to source and fulfill orders from anywhere. Warehouse managers can use mobile devices to view real-time analytics related to picking, packing, loading, shipping, manifest support, kitting, and dekitting.