JDK 17.0.2 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 17.0.2 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Summary
1 JDK-8269637 client-libs javax/swing/JFileChooser/FileSystemView/SystemIconTest.java fails on windows
2 JDK-8262031 client-libs Create implementation for NSAccessibilityNavigableStaticText protocol
3 JDK-8267387 client-libs Create implementation for NSAccessibilityOutline protocol
4 JDK-8275872 client-libs 2d Sync J2DBench run and analyze Makefile targets with build.xml
5 JDK-8271718 client-libs 2d Crash when during color transformation the color profile is replaced
6 JDK-8273135 client-libs 2d java/awt/color/ICC_ColorSpace/MTTransformReplacedProfile.java crashes in liblcms.dylib with NULLSeek+0x7
7 JDK-8273887 client-libs 2d [macos] java/awt/color/ICC_ColorSpace/MTTransformReplacedProfile.java timed out
8 JDK-8276905 client-libs 2d Use appropriate macosx_version_minimum value while compiling metal shaders
9 JDK-8273808 client-libs java.awt Cleanup AddFontsToX11FontPath
10 JDK-8275131 client-libs java.awt Exceptions after a touchpad gesture on macOS
11 JDK-8274326 client-libs javax.accessibility [macos] Ensure initialisation of sun/lwawt/macosx/CAccessibility in JavaComponentAccessibility.m
12 JDK-8274056 client-libs javax.accessibility JavaAccessibilityUtilities leaks JNI objects
13 JDK-8274381 client-libs javax.accessibility missing CAccessibility definitions in JNI code
14 JDK-8267385 client-libs javax.accessibility Create NSAccessibilityElement implementation for JavaComponentAccessibility
15 JDK-8267388 client-libs javax.accessibility Create implementation for NSAccessibilityTable protocol
16 JDK-8274383 client-libs javax.accessibility JNI call of getAccessibleSelection on a wrong thread
17 JDK-8277195 client-libs javax.accessibility missing CAccessibility definition in [CommonComponentAccessibility accessibilityHitTest]
18 JDK-8271071 client-libs javax.accessibility accessibility of a table on macOS lacks cell navigation
19 JDK-8275809 client-libs javax.accessibility crash in [CommonComponentAccessibility getCAccessible:withEnv:]
20 JDK-8273678 client-libs javax.accessibility TableAccessibility and TableRowAccessibility miss autorelease
21 JDK-8275071 client-libs javax.accessibility [macos] A11y cursor gets stuck when combobox is closed
22 JDK-8275819 client-libs javax.accessibility [TableRowAccessibility accessibilityChildren] method is ineffective
23 JDK-8270893 client-libs javax.imageio IndexOutOfBoundsException while reading large TIFF file
24 JDK-8269951 client-libs javax.swing [macos] Focus not painted in JButton when setBorderPainted(false) is invoked
25 JDK-8266510 client-libs javax.swing Nimbus JTree default tree cell renderer does not use selected text color
26 JDK-8271895 client-libs javax.swing UnProblemList javax/swing/JComponent/7154030/bug7154030.java in JDK18
27 JDK-8268284 client-libs javax.swing javax/swing/JComponent/7154030/bug7154030.java fails with "Exception: Failed to hide opaque button"
28 JDK-8264287 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityComboBox protocol peer
29 JDK-8264303 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityTabGroup protocol peer
30 JDK-8264292 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityList protocol peer
31 JDK-8264286 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityColumn protocol peer
32 JDK-8264291 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityCell protocol peer
33 JDK-8264298 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityRow protocol peer
34 JDK-8271315 client-libs javax.swing Redo: Nimbus JTree renderer properties persist across L&F changes
35 JDK-8264293 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenu protocol peer
36 JDK-8264295 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenuItem protocol peer
37 JDK-8264294 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityMenuBar protocol peer
38 JDK-8264296 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityPopUpButton protocol peer
39 JDK-8264297 client-libs javax.swing Create implementation for NSAccessibilityProgressIndicator protocol peer
40 JDK-8269850 core-libs Most JDK releases report macOS version 12 as 10.16 instead of 12.0
41 JDK-8276572 core-libs Fake libsyslookup.so library causes tooling issues
42 JDK-8273450 core-libs Fix the copyright header of SVML files
43 JDK-8275145 core-libs java.io file.encoding system property has an incorrect value on Windows
44 JDK-8277093 core-libs java.io:serialization Vector should throw ClassNotFoundException for a missing class of an element
45 JDK-8275703 core-libs java.lang System.loadLibrary fails on Big Sur for libraries hidden from filesystem
46 JDK-8274848 core-libs java.lang.invoke LambdaMetaFactory::metafactory on REF_invokeSpecial impl method has incorrect behavior
47 JDK-8270290 core-libs java.net NTLM authentication fails if HEAD request is used
48 JDK-8274779 core-libs java.net HttpURLConnection: HttpClient and HttpsClient incorrectly check request method when set to POST
49 JDK-8267256 core-libs java.net Extend minimal retry for loopback connections on Windows to PlainSocketImpl
50 JDK-8268294 core-libs java.net Reusing HttpClient in a WebSocket.Listener hangs.
51 JDK-8269481 core-libs java.net SctpMultiChannel never releases own file descriptor
52 JDK-8251329 core-libs java.nio (zipfs) Files.walkFileTree walks infinitely if zip has dir named "." inside
53 JDK-8273935 core-libs java.nio (zipfs) Files.getFileAttributeView() throws UOE instead of returning null when view not supported
54 JDK-8269280 core-libs java.nio (bf) Replace StringBuffer in *Buffer.toString()
55 JDK-8190753 core-libs java.nio (zipfs): Accessing a large entry (> 2^31 bytes) leads to a negative initial size for ByteArrayOutputStream
56 JDK-8271308 core-libs java.nio (fc) FileChannel.transferTo() transfers no more than Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes in one call
57 JDK-8233020 core-libs java.nio (fs) UnixFileSystemProvider should use StaticProperty.userDir().
58 JDK-8272095 core-libs java.nio ProblemList java/nio/channels/FileChannel/Transfer2GPlus.java on linux-aarch64
59 JDK-8140241 core-libs java.nio (fc) Data transfer from FileChannel to itself causes hang in case of overlap
60 JDK-8274468 core-libs java.time TimeZoneTest.java fails with tzdata2021b
61 JDK-8274467 core-libs java.time TestZoneInfo310.java fails with tzdata2021b
62 JDK-8276536 core-libs java.time Update TimeZoneNames files to follow the changes made by JDK-8275766
63 JDK-8272473 core-libs java.time Parsing epoch seconds at a DST transition with a non-UTC parser is wrong
64 JDK-8274349 core-libs java.util.concurrent ForkJoinPool.commonPool() does not work with 1 CPU
65 JDK-8214761 core-libs java.util.stream Bug in parallel Kahan summation implementation
66 JDK-8273790 core-libs java.util:i18n Potential cyclic dependencies between Gregorian and CalendarSystem
67 JDK-8273924 core-libs java.util:i18n ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in java.util.JapaneseImperialCalendar.add()
68 JDK-8273575 core-svc java.lang.instrument memory leak in appendBootClassPath(), paths must be deallocated
69 JDK-8268361 core-svc java.lang.management Fix the infinite loop in next_line
70 JDK-8272318 core-svc tools Improve performance of HeapDumpAllTest
71 JDK-8272970 hotspot Parallelize runtime/InvocationTests/
72 JDK-8273278 hotspot Support XSLT on GraalVM Native Image--deterministic bytecode generation in XSLT
73 JDK-8270886 hotspot compiler Crash in PhaseIdealLoop::verify_strip_mined_scheduling
74 JDK-8271600 hotspot compiler C2: CheckCastPP which should closely follow Allocate is sunk of a loop
75 JDK-8223923 hotspot compiler C2: Missing interference with mismatched unsafe accesses
76 JDK-8272570 hotspot compiler C2: crash in PhaseCFG::global_code_motion
77 JDK-8271341 hotspot compiler Opcode() != Op_If && Opcode() != Op_RangeCheck) || outcnt() == 2 assert failure with Test7179138_1.java
78 JDK-8271340 hotspot compiler Crash PhaseIdealLoop::clone_outer_loop
79 JDK-8271459 hotspot compiler C2: Missing NegativeArraySizeException when creating StringBuilder with negative capacity
80 JDK-8273165 hotspot compiler GraphKit::combine_exception_states fails with "matching stack sizes" assert
81 JDK-8272562 hotspot compiler C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late
82 JDK-8274145 hotspot compiler C2: condition incorrectly made redundant with dominating main loop exit condition
83 JDK-8274074 hotspot compiler SIGFPE with C2 compiled code with -XX:+StressGCM
84 JDK-8274401 hotspot compiler C2: GraphKit::load_array_element bypasses Access API
85 JDK-8274406 hotspot compiler RunThese30M.java failed "assert(!LCA_orig->dominates(pred_block) || early->dominates(pred_block)) failed: early is high enough"
86 JDK-8276066 hotspot compiler Reset LoopPercentProfileLimit for x86 due to suboptimal performance
87 JDK-8270901 hotspot compiler Typo PHASE_CPP in CompilerPhaseType
88 JDK-8273021 hotspot compiler C2: Improve Add and Xor ideal optimizations
89 JDK-8275104 hotspot compiler IR framework does not handle client VM builds correctly
90 JDK-8276105 hotspot compiler C2: Conv(D|F)2(I|L)Nodes::Ideal should handle rounding correctly
91 JDK-8276846 hotspot compiler JDK-8273416 is incomplete for UseSSE=1
92 JDK-8276112 hotspot compiler Inconsistent scalar replacement debug info at safepoints
93 JDK-8276025 hotspot compiler Hotspot's libsvml.so may conflict with user dependency
94 JDK-8270533 hotspot compiler AArch64: size_fits_all_mem_uses should return false if its output is a CAS
95 JDK-8273416 hotspot compiler C2: assert(false) failed: bad AD file after JDK-8252372 with UseSSE={0,1}
96 JDK-8273359 hotspot compiler CI: ciInstanceKlass::get_canonical_holder() doesn't respect instance size
97 JDK-8244675 hotspot compiler assert(IncrementalInline || (_late_inlines.length() == 0 && !has_mh_late_inlines()))
98 JDK-8272703 hotspot compiler StressSeed should be set via FLAG_SET_ERGO
99 JDK-8271954 hotspot compiler C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late
100 JDK-8272413 hotspot compiler Incorrect num of element count calculation for vector cast
101 JDK-8272574 hotspot compiler C2: assert(false) failed: Bad graph detected in build_loop_late
102 JDK-8276157 hotspot compiler C2: Compiler stack overflow during escape analysis on Linux x86_32
103 JDK-8268882 hotspot compiler C2: assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
104 JDK-8271567 hotspot compiler AArch64: AES Galois CounterMode (GCM) interleaved implementation using vector instructions
105 JDK-8271215 hotspot gc Fix data races in G1PeriodicGCTask
106 JDK-8274501 hotspot gc c2i entry barriers read int as long on AArch64
107 JDK-8271862 hotspot gc C2 intrinsic for Reference.refersTo() is often not used
108 JDK-8271121 hotspot gc ZGC: stack overflow (segv) when -Xlog:gc+start=debug
109 JDK-8272170 hotspot gc Missing memory barrier when checking active state for regions
110 JDK-8277212 hotspot gc GC accidentally cleans valid megamorphic vtable inline caches
111 JDK-8275426 hotspot gc PretouchTask num_chunks calculation can overflow
112 JDK-8274435 hotspot jfr EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in BFSClosure::closure_impl
113 JDK-8272850 hotspot runtime Drop zapping values in the Zap* option descriptions
114 JDK-8273606 hotspot runtime Zero: SPARC64 build fails with si_band type mismatch
115 JDK-8273373 hotspot runtime Zero: Cannot invoke JVM in primordial threads on Zero
116 JDK-8273505 hotspot runtime runtime/cds/appcds/loaderConstraints/DynamicLoaderConstraintsTest.java#default-cl crashed with SIGSEGV in MetaspaceShared::link_shared_classes
117 JDK-8273176 hotspot runtime handle latest VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
118 JDK-8273695 hotspot runtime Safepoint deadlock on VMOperation_lock
119 JDK-8273489 hotspot runtime Zero: Handle UseHeavyMonitors on all monitorenter paths
120 JDK-8273229 hotspot runtime Update OS detection code to recognize Windows Server 2022
121 JDK-8274840 hotspot runtime Update OS detection code to recognize Windows 11
122 JDK-8273342 hotspot runtime Null pointer dereference in classFileParser.cpp:2817
123 JDK-8272345 hotspot runtime macos doesn't check `os::set_boot_path()` result
124 JDK-8272114 hotspot runtime Unused _last_state in osThread_windows
125 JDK-8274293 hotspot runtime Build failure on macOS with Xcode 13.0 as vfork is deprecated
126 JDK-8274338 hotspot runtime com/sun/jdi/RedefineCrossEvent.java failed "assert(m != __null) failed: NULL mirror"
127 JDK-8238649 hotspot runtime Call new Win32 API SetThreadDescription in os::set_native_thread_name
128 JDK-8261579 hotspot runtime AArch64: Support for weaker memory ordering in Atomic
129 JDK-8268927 hotspot runtime Windows: link error: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl convert_to_unicode(char const *,wchar_t * *)"
130 JDK-8273486 hotspot runtime Zero: Handle DiagnoseSyncOnValueBasedClasses VM option
131 JDK-8273483 hotspot runtime Zero: Clear pending JNI exception check in native method handler
132 JDK-8273440 hotspot runtime Zero: Disable runtime/Unsafe/InternalErrorTest.java
133 JDK-8273333 hotspot runtime Zero should warn about unimplemented -XX:+LogTouchedMethods
134 JDK-8268893 hotspot runtime jcmd to trim the glibc heap
135 JDK-8273902 hotspot runtime Memory leak in OopStorage due to bug in OopHandle::release()
136 JDK-8269687 hotspot runtime pauth_aarch64.hpp include name is incorrect
137 JDK-8275604 hotspot runtime Zero: Reformat opclabels_data
138 JDK-8277029 hotspot svc JMM GetDiagnosticXXXInfo APIs should verify output array sizes
139 JDK-8270320 hotspot test JDK-8270110 committed invalid copyright headers
140 JDK-8270946 security-libs java.security X509CertImpl.getFingerprint should not return the empty String
141 JDK-8273826 security-libs java.security Correct Manifest file name and NPE checks
142 JDK-8274215 security-libs java.security Remove globalsignr2ca root from 17.0.2
143 JDK-8274736 security-libs java.security Concurrent read/close of SSLSockets causes SSLSessions to be invalidated unnecessarily
144 JDK-8277224 security-libs java.security sun.security.pkcs.PKCS9Attributes.toString() throws NPE
145 JDK-8270317 security-libs javax.net.ssl Large Allocation in CipherSuite
146 JDK-8275811 security-libs javax.net.ssl Incorrect instance to dispose
147 JDK-8273026 security-libs javax.security Slow LoginContext.login() on multi threading application
148 JDK-8274205 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 Handle KDC_ERR_SVC_UNAVAILABLE error code from KDC
149 JDK-8273894 security-libs org.ietf.jgss:krb5 ConcurrentModificationException raised every time ReferralsCache drops referral
150 JDK-8273234 tools javac extended 'for' with expression of type tvar causes the compiler to crash
151 JDK-8262095 tools javac NPE in Flow$FlowAnalyzer.visitApply: Cannot invoke getThrownTypes because tree.meth.type is null
152 JDK-8268885 tools javac duplicate checkcast when destination type is not first type of intersection type
153 JDK-8269113 tools javac Javac throws when compiling switch (null)
154 JDK-8275302 tools javac unexpected compiler error: cast, intersection types and sealed
155 JDK-8274347 tools javac Passing a *nested* switch expression as a parameter causes an NPE during compile
156 JDK-8268894 tools javac forged ASTs can provoke an AIOOBE at com.sun.tools.javac.jvm.ClassWriter::writePosition
157 JDK-8273408 tools javac java.lang.AssertionError: typeSig ERROR on generated class property of record
158 JDK-8271254 tools javac javac generates unreachable code when using empty semicolon statement
159 JDK-8274942 tools javac AssertionError at jdk.compiler/com.sun.tools.javac.util.Assert.error(Assert.java:155)
160 JDK-8272639 tools jpackage jpackaged applications using microphone on mac
161 JDK-8274087 tools jpackage Windows DLL path not set correctly.
162 JDK-8273593 tools jpackage [REDO] Warn user when using mac-sign option with unsigned app-image.
163 JDK-8272328 tools jpackage java.library.path is not set properly by Windows jpackage app launcher
164 JDK-8268457 xml XML Transformer outputs Unicode supplementary character incorrectly to HTML