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JDK 17.0.3 Bug Fixes

The following table lists the bug fixes included in the JDK 17.0.3 release:

# JBS Component Subcomponent Summary
1 JDK-8270874 client-libs 2d JFrame paint artifacts when dragged from standard monitor to HiDPI monitor
2 JDK-8275650 core-libs java.io Problemlist java/io/File/createTempFile/SpecialTempFile.java for Windows 11
3 JDK-8279833 core-libs java.lang Loop optimization issue in String.encodeUTF8_UTF16
4 JDK-8274658 core-libs java.util:i18n ISO 4217 Amendment 170 Update
5 JDK-8277795 core-libs javax.naming LDAP connection timeout not honoured under contention
6 JDK-8277777 hotspot compiler [Vector API] assert(r->is_XMMRegister()) failed: must be in x86_32.ad
7 JDK-8277441 hotspot compiler CompileQueue::add fails with assert(_last->next() == __null) failed: not last
8 JDK-8275610 hotspot compiler C2: Object field load floats above its null check resulting in a segfault
9 JDK-8275326 hotspot compiler C2: assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected
10 JDK-8262134 hotspot compiler compiler/uncommontrap/TestDeoptOOM.java failed with "guarantee(false) failed: wrong number of expression stack elements during deopt"
11 JDK-8277447 hotspot compiler Hotspot C1 compiler crashes on Kotlin suspend fun with loop
12 JDK-8273277 hotspot compiler C2: Move conditional negation into rc_predicate
13 JDK-8271202 hotspot compiler C1: assert(false) failed: live_in set of first block must be empty
14 JDK-8275645 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] avoid unaligned volatile reads on AArch64
15 JDK-8271056 hotspot compiler C2: "assert(no_dead_loop) failed: dead loop detected" due to cmoving identity
16 JDK-8275643 hotspot compiler C2's unaryOp vector intrinsic does not properly handle LongVector.neg
17 JDK-8275847 hotspot compiler Scheduling fails with "too many D-U pinch points" on small method
18 JDK-8275874 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] only support aligned reads in c2v_readFieldValue
19 JDK-8279076 hotspot compiler C2: Bad AD file when matching SqrtF with UseSSE=0
20 JDK-8275330 hotspot compiler C2: assert(n->is_Root() || n->is_Region() || n->is_Phi() || n->is_MachMerge() || def_block->dominates(block)) failed: uses must be dominated by definitions
21 JDK-8276314 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] check alignment of call displacement during code installation
22 JDK-8279225 hotspot compiler [arm32] C1 longs comparison operation destroys argument registers
23 JDK-8279412 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] failed speculations list must outlive any nmethod that refers to it
24 JDK-8278871 hotspot compiler [JVMCI] assert((uint)reason < 2* _trap_hist_limit) failed: oob
25 JDK-8278824 hotspot gc Uneven work distribution when scanning heap roots in G1
26 JDK-8276177 hotspot jvmti nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefineWithoutBytecodeCorruption failed with "assert(def_ik->is_being_redefined()) failed: should be being redefined to get here"
27 JDK-8275800 hotspot jvmti Redefinition leaks MethodData::_extra_data_lock
28 JDK-8278239 hotspot jvmti vmTestbase/nsk/jvmti/RedefineClasses/StressRedefine failed with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0x000000000000000d
29 JDK-8276184 hotspot runtime Exclude lambda proxy class from the CDS archive if its caller class is excluded
30 JDK-8274714 hotspot runtime Incorrect verifier protected access error message
31 JDK-8277342 hotspot runtime vmTestbase/nsk/stress/strace/strace004.java fails with SIGSEGV in InstanceKlass::jni_id_for
32 JDK-8276662 hotspot runtime Scalability bottleneck in SymbolTable::lookup_common()
33 JDK-8266490 hotspot runtime Extend the OSContainer API to support the pids controller of cgroups
34 JDK-8278020 hotspot runtime ~13% variation in Renaissance-Scrabble
35 JDK-8278384 hotspot runtime Bytecodes::result_type() for arraylength returns T_VOID instead of T_INT
36 JDK-8273967 hotspot runtime gtest os.dll_address_to_function_and_library_name_vm fails on macOS12
37 JDK-8274753 hotspot runtime ZGC: SEGV in MetaspaceShared::link_shared_classes
38 JDK-8274944 hotspot runtime AppCDS dump causes SEGV in VM thread while adjusting lambda proxy class info
39 JDK-8273526 hotspot runtime Extend the OSContainer API pids controller with pids.current
40 JDK-8274935 hotspot runtime dumptime_table has stale entry
41 JDK-8278309 hotspot runtime [windows] use of uninitialized OSThread::_state
42 JDK-8273341 hotspot runtime Update Siphash to version 1.0
43 JDK-8278951 hotspot runtime containers/cgroup/PlainRead.java fails on Ubuntu 21.10
44 JDK-8265150 hotspot svc AsyncGetCallTrace crashes on ResourceMark
45 JDK-8269849 hotspot test vmTestbase/gc/gctests/PhantomReference/phantom002/TestDescription.java failed with "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space: failed reallocation of scalar replaced objects"
46 JDK-8273682 tools jshell Upgrade Jline to 3.20.0
47 JDK-8276141 xml jaxp XPathFactory set/getProperty method
48 JDK-8282761 xml jaxp XPathFactoryImpl remove setProperty and getProperty methods