Oracle Java SE Embedded 8u401 Release Notes

JDK 8 Embedded Release Notes

January 16, 2024

These release notes describe its new features, platform requirements, installation, limitations, known problems and issues, and documentation for Oracle Java SE Embedded.

This document contains the following topics:

New and Changed Features

See Oracle Java SE 8u401 Release Notes.

Platforms and Requirements

See Oracle Java SE Embedded System Requirements.

Installing Oracle Java SE Embedded

Refer to the Oracle Java SE Embedded 8u401 README for installation instructions.

Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 is a modular system that must be configured before launching by selecting components and creating a custom JRE to suit your device and applications, using the included jrecreate tool. See Oracle Java SE Embedded: Developer's Guide.

Known Issues



This section describes limitations of Oracle Java SE Embedded.

Server Java Virtual Machine is not Universally Available

The server JVM described in Oracle Java SE Embedded Developer's Guide is only available on the following targets:

  • ARM v7 hard float
  • i586

Native Memory Tracking Support is Limited on ARM Targets

For ARM devices, the -XX:NativeMemoryTracking=detail java command line option produces a warning and defaults the setting to summary.

Learning Resources

The Oracle Java SE Embedded page on Oracle Technology Network contains information such as links to documentation, system requirements and FAQs. See

Oracle Java SE Embedded Developer's Guide contains information for both platform developers and application developers about how to create custom JREs and install them on custom devices and how to develop headless and headful applications for the custom JRE.

There are a number of training videos about Oracle Java SE Embedded at