Oracle OpenStack

Private Cloud Management Simplified

Oracle OpenStack simplifies the deployment and management of an optimal cloud foundation for enterprise applications and databases. Now includes support for OpenStack Mitaka.

  • OpenStack Powered

    Oracle OpenStack is now OpenStack powered.

  • Simplified deployment and upgrades with Docker

    Easy to get started with Oracle OpenStack in your enterprise.

  • Oracle OpenStack: Fully integrated OpenStack Cloud solution with a single point of support

    Fully integrated enterprise OpenStack cloud solutions with a single point of support.

  • Putting it all together—Oracle deployment architecture

    Cut your planning and deployment time with Oracle OpenStack Docker packages.

Why Oracle OpenStack?

Why Oracle OpenStack ?

  • Fully integrated enterprise OpenStack cloud solutions with complete, end-to-end support from a single vendor
  • Simplified deployment leveraging Docker packages and Linux Containers
  • Provides end-to-end support from Oracle OpenStack platform to base OS, guest OS, and Oracle workloads—from a single vendor
  • Delivers built-in high availability support with MySQL Cluster to ensure continuity and resiliency of Oracle OpenStack services
  • Choice of private and/or hybrid cloud with enterprise-class components
  • Supports OpenStack Mitaka

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