Eliminate disruptive reboots by updating your system with Ksplice

New kernel updates come out about once a month, and that means coordinating with customers to schedule outage windows, completing paperwork, and babysitting multi-hour outage windows on Sunday at 2am. Or does it? With Ksplice, you can install those same important kernel security and bugfix updates while the system is running, with no disruption.

Ksplice lets you apply 100% of the important kernel security updates without rebooting. You don't need to stop any running applications and you don't need to reboot to install. Ksplice is available for Oracle Linux, free of charge, for Oracle Linux customers with a Premier support subscription.

In addition, Ksplice has extended its service to critical userspace packages and libraries! Recently, the industry has seen serious security vulnerabilities hit core packages in userspace, specifically glibc and openssl. With Ksplice you can now live-patch these critical packages, avoiding costly disruptions and downtime. For more information on using this service, please refer to the Ksplice User Guide below.

Sysadmins, take back your weekends!

Using Ksplice

Ksplice User's Guide

Support contact information

Email: ksplice-support_ww@oracle.com