Hyperion Shared Services

Hyperion Shared Services

Hyperion Shared Services (Shared Services) is a component of Oracle's Hyperion Foundation Services. It is a single, standardized infrastructure that facilitates the deployment of Oracle's Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System deployments and simplifies ongoing maintenance.

Hyperion Foundation Services

Shared Services provides a central framework for creating, provisioning, and maintaining users; managing user security across all Hyperion modules, including external authentication. Additionally, Shared Services now provides the capability of managing the lifecycle of Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management suite: migrating artifacts from development to test to production environments.

Shared Services provides:
  • User Management, including:
    • User provisioning
    • External authentication definition
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Task Flow Management
Products / Components

Hyperion Shared Services User Management

  • User management enables centralized management of user access rights and accessibility to applications created under various application groups using different Hyperion products. The user management process allows the administrator or delegated administrator to associate users and groups to projects and give them specific roles in that application.
  • User IDs and groups may exist in various authentication systems and also within products in an existing installation. Also, you can create new users and groups and roles at the native level. Every product has product-specific roles defined at the product level.
  • One or more application per application group - Users or groups can be associated with an application and can be assigned one or more roles per application.

Hyperion Shared Services Lifecycle Management

  • Migrating artifacts, applications and repositories between development, test and production is now a consistent and repeatable process across Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System.
  • Explore and search application artifacts or define a cross product migration in a simplified user interface.
  • The questions of 'Who changed what?' and 'What changed when?' can be answered with the lifecycle management change management capabilities: comparison and audit reporting.
  • Command line migration capabilities allow for integration into scheduling systems for lights out processing.

Hyperion Shared Services Task Flows

  • Hyperion Shared Services Task Flow management allows for automated, unattended processing across the EPM products that publish their actions to this workflow solution.
  • A workflow engine and an API are included to manage the workflow definition, execution and administration. It also supports the definition and triggering of time based events on a schedule.