Oracle Software Web Browser Support Policy

As per the Oracle Software Technical Support Policies document, Overview section, you must remain on a supported environment – including applications and platforms – to receive technical support. If a vendor retires support for its product, you may be required to upgrade to a current certified and supported product, application, hardware platform, framework, database, and/or operating system configuration to continue receiving technical support services from Oracle.

In the specific case of Web Browser support, the following four browsers are supported in accordance with the vendor support policy listed:

  • Google Chrome: Support for the most current major stable channel release only
    Please visit the Google Chrome FAQ for a description of the Chrome support policy:
  • Mozilla Firefox: Support for the most current major ESR version and above, in production only
    Please visit the Mozilla FAQ for a description of the Firefox support policy:
  • Apple Safari: Support for most current major production release and one prior release
  • Microsoft Edge: Support for the latest major version of Microsoft Edge Chromium. Beginning in MS Edge v77, Microsoft has decoupled Edge from Windows OS and shifted to a Chromium-based browser technology & deployment model that follows a continuous 6-week update pattern similar to Chrome & Firefox

    Please visit the Microsoft Edge FAQ for a description of the Edge support policy:

Microsoft Internet Explorer policy update:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11- Microsoft has deprecated IE 11 in Windows 10 and recommends using Edge as the default browser.

Given that Microsoft has deprecated Internet Explorer 11, beginning in July 2020 Oracle will stop certifying Internet Explorer to access new Oracle application releases. There are significant security and performance concerns with Internet Explorer 11 (see Microsoft FAQ), and Oracle encourages customers to move to a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.

Oracle will continue to support IE 11 in released products through their Lifetime Support Policy (LSP), but as new patch sets and release versions are made available Oracle will cease to certify Internet Explorer and many features will not work properly on that browser. Furthermore, new applications that release on Oracle’s Redwood Design system are not guaranteed to support Internet Explorer 11.

Support is provided by Oracle on all platforms that the browser vendor provides support for. For mobile device operating systems, Oracle provides support for the most recent browser delivered by the device operating system only.

Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge Safari
Android Supported * Not Supported N/A N/A
iOS Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Supported
Mac OS X Supported Supported Not Supported Supported
Windows Supported Supported Supported Not Supported

* Chrome for Android only, not native Android browser

In the case where feature parity is not consistent for the same browser version across platforms and devices, those features are only supported by Oracle to the extent that the vendor has enabled.

Oracle Software will support new browser releases in accordance with the following schedule and distribution methods:

  1. For new major releases of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge v77+, and Google Chrome, Oracle will provide support with all versions of Oracle software that are under premier support immediately upon general availability of the browser. Reference Oracle Error Correction Policy (ECP) support documentation for specific product support information. See Doc ID 209768.1 for the Error Correction Support Policy and Doc ID 944866.1 for additional ECP details for Oracle Fusion Middleware products.
    1. Any issues encountered that will require Oracle software fixes, will be fixed and provided via the established patching process for the specific product requiring the fix.
  2. For new major releases of Apple Safari, Oracle will provide support with all versions of Oracle software that are under premier support within nine months of general availability of the browser.
    1. Oracle will issue an appropriate PSU or patch set/RUP for each supported version of Oracle software in support of this browser version.
  3. Oracle will stop supporting a browser version from a vendor with all supported versions of Oracle software immediately upon the vendor de-supporting that browser.
  4. For new Oracle Software product releases:
    1. For On-Premise products Oracle will certify the latest version of each of the four major browsers and one back (n-1) at the time that the Oracle on-premise software is released for General Availability, as long as the n-1 browser is supported by the vendor.
    2. For Software as a Service(SaaS) and Platform as a Service(PaaS) products, Oracle will certify the latest version of each of the four major browsers at the time that the Oracle SaaS or PaaS software is released for General Availability.