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The Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) Suite is an integrated solution that helps enterprises master, govern and analyze enterprise dimensions, hierarchies and related attributes to enable effective business transformations by rationalizing key information assets across transactional and analytical silos, automating change management and data quality remediation processes, and providing a closed loop operational analysis, reporting and drill back experience that optimizes one’s data governance program to lower risk, enable trustworthy analytics and improve one’s confidence in data-driven decision making.

The Oracle Data Relationship Management Suite consists of three key components:

  • Oracle Data Relationship Management is an enterprise master data change management solution for building and retaining consistency within master data assets despite endless changes necessary to support underlying transactional and analytical systems.
  • Oracle Data Relationship Governance* (DRG) is a companion application that leverages the DRM platform to deliver fully configurable, automated governance workflows, that enable data stewards to orchestrate the entry, validation, and approval of data changes by front-line business users using repeatable business processes, thereby enabling high-quality master data, policy compliance, collaborative co-authoring, and change awareness across the business community.
  • Oracle Data Relationship Management Analytics is a capstone dashboard and reporting application that draws upon the transactions, requests and actions performed within the suite to provide change and growth analytics for end users, operational intelligence for governance program managers and subject matter experts, as well as operational reports for administrators and access managers to optimize transformation initiatives.

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Oracle Data Relationship Management
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