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Oracle’s Hyperion Planning software is a centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes. Planning provides an in-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models. With Planning you can meet your immediate financial planning needs while enabling a platform for future cross-functional expansion and automated process integration. Directly linked to Oracle’s Hyperion Planning is Oracle's Hyperion Capital Expense Planning and Oracle's Hyperion Workforce Planning. Oracle's Hyperion Capital Expense Planning is a specialized planning module that automates the planning of capital assets and capital asset related expenses, such as depreciation, maintenance and insurance. Oracle's Hyperion Workforce Planning (Workforce Planning) is a special-purpose planning module that makes headcount, salary and compensation planning fast and efficient across the enterprise. It simplifies the planning of workforce and workforce related expenses, such as bonuses, fringe benefits, overtime and merit increases. The link between Planning, Capital Expense Planning and Workforce Planning allows you to immediately assess the impact of your capital expenses on your overall expenses and financial statements.

Oracle Hyperion Planning



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