Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Download

If you use spatial capabilities in Oracle Database, you should migrate to the Spatial Map Visualization Component. All licensed users of Oracle Database EE under Premier or Extended Support, Oracle Database SE2, and Oracle Database Cloud Service (all editions) are licensed to use the features of Oracle Spatial.

Since Oracle Database 18c, Oracle Spatial includes a map visualization component that is fully compatible with MapViewer and with applications written to the MapViewer V2 API. Like MapViewer, the function and purpose of the map visualization component is to provide tools that hide the complexity of spatial data queries and cartographic rendering, while providing customizable options for more advanced users. These tools can be deployed in a platform-independent manner and are designed to integrate with map rendering applications.

Applications written using the MapViewer V2 API will work with the spatial map visualization component. Oracle Spatial users should migrate existing FMW MapViewer deployment to the map visualization component by undeploying the old MapViewer ear file and deploying the Spatial Map Visualization Component ear file.

Click here to download the spatial map visualization component.

If you are not an Oracle Spatial user, you can continue to use MapViewer. As of FMW, MapViewer is deprecated. At this time there are no plans for desupport. No enhancements or even minor bug fixes will be made.

Current Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Version download here:




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