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Provide a Queryable Data Fabric

Provide a Queryable Data Fabric

Oracle invented the concept of a data grid with the introduction of the Oracle Coherence partitioned data management service in 2002. Since then, Forrester Research has labeled the combination of data virtualization, transparent and distributed EIS integration, queryability and uniform accessibility found in Oracle Coherence as an information fabric. The term fabric comes from a 2-dimensional illustration of interconnects, as in switched fabric. The purpose of a fabric architecture is that all points within a fabric have a direct interconnect with all other points.

Oracle Coherence is successfully deployed as a large-scale data grid for many of the world's largest financial, telecommunications, logistics, travel and media organizations. With unlimited scalability, the highest levels of availability, close to zero latency, an incredibly rich set of capabilities and a sterling reputation for quality, Oracle Coherence is the Information Fabric of choice.

Oracle Coherence