Oracle JRockit Real Time

Oracle JRockit Real Time offers response time capabilities in microseconds! It guarantees a maximum response time of single digit milliseconds with Deterministic-GC and contains Latency Analysis Tools for monitoring and tuning the application.

Oracle JRockit JVM

The Oracle JRockit JVM is the industry's highest performing Java Virtual Machine now built into Oracle Fusion Middleware. It brings industry leading real time infrastructure capabilities with JRockit Real Time and unparallelled JVM diagnostics with JRockit Mission Control.


Oracle JRockit Mission Control

The JRockit Mission Control tools suite includes tools to monitor, manage, profile, and eliminate memory leaks in your Java application without introducing the performance overhead normally associated with tools of this type.

Looking for Java Mission Control? See the Oracle Java SE Advanced content here.


Getting Started - Tutorials

Technical Information

How-To - Running Eclipse on JRockit

Available now - Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide

Written by Marcus Hirt and Marcus Lagergren, two of the original developers of JRockit. link

JRockit Real Time 4.1 and JRockit Mission Control 4.1 Available Now!

Oracle JRockit Documentation

JRockit R28 Documentation Library

Part Number Link Download Description
E15289-01 HTML Download Oracle® Fusion Middleware Online Documentation Library Release 4 (JRockit JDK R28, Mission Control 4, Real Time 4)