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Data Scientists Can See How to Improve Workforce Performance

Powerful HR analytics reveal new insights into employee engagement.

By Linda Currey Post | May 2020

Oracle Analytics for HR Professionals

The Oracle Analytics Summit on May 12, 2020—titled “Analytics in Action”—focuses on business analytics and applied data science and the way people sift through huge amounts of information to uncover insights and design best practices.

A special session features Francesco Tisiot, analytics lead at Rittman Mead, who shares his experiences about how to become a data scientist. The data scientist career path is becoming popular as more organizations look for the deep business insights analytics can uncover, says Bruno Aziza, Oracle group vice president for artificial intelligence and data analytics. Aziza says the general public thinks of data science as a cryptic art.

Aziza has been interviewing data analysts and scientists around the world to find out how they’re using analytics to uncover critical insights. Watch his video profiles of more than 40 organizations that benefit from analytics on the “Destination Insights” channel on YouTube. Three of Aziza’s favorite examples of data science at work include:

Adventist Health, US

Adventist Health, a network of 19 hospitals and 250 clinics in the western United States, recently moved its 30-year-old green-screen systems to the cloud and began using analytics to learn more about running the business more efficiently with Oracle Cloud ERP as well as treating its patients most effectively by using Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management to hire caring health professionals. The faith-based health system, located in Roseville, California, offers a “whole person” focus that cares for the body, mind, and spirit. Matthew Savard, director of analytics for Adventist Health, says he particularly appreciates being able to run analytics studies on Oracle’s powerful Autonomous Data Warehouse through a cloud connection. “We can scale up or scale down with no hardware investments,” he says.

Generali, Italy

Generali, a leading insurance company in Italy, uses analytics to guide its human resources (HR) decisions. Luca Ascolese, head of Group Workforce Planning and People Analytics for Generali, told Aziza about the complexities of tracking 70,000 employees working in more than 50 countries and how his team looked at clever ways to automate its reporting functions. The application of analytics to Generali’s HR processes helped the company “do better decision-making, improve the meritocracy, and the allocation of people,” Ascolese says. Analytical insights also help Generali hire the right people and predict attrition, so the HR managers can take preventive action in advance.

National Health Service, UK

Since consolidating its data and applying sophisticated analytics to it five years ago, the UK National Health Service has saved about £1.5 billion by reconciling the costs and effectiveness of medications and treatments delivered to the 53 million residents of England. NHS leaders realized early on that they were collecting a gold mine of data that could change the course of treatment for cancers and other life-threatening diseases, says Nina Monckton, chief insight officer of the NHS Business Services Authority, which provides business support services to tens of thousands of UK healthcare providers under contract to the NHS. In addition to saving substantial costs by identifying and eliminating fraud, using analytics helps the NHS better understand who uses their services, why, and when, Monckton says.

The Oracle Analytics Summit kicks off on May 12 with a keynote, followed by technology and customer best practices sessions. New content will be provided weekly through the Oracle Analytics Summit experience, encouraging the community to leverage the platform to stay in touch and connect continuously.

For more, register at oracle.com/oasummit

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Illustration: Oracle

Linda Currey Post

Linda Currey Post

Linda Currey Post is an award-winning science and technology writer and a content strategist for Oracle.