Highlight reel: 4 takeaways from Oracle’s big cloud security news

Oracle Executive Vice President Clay Magouyrk revealed how Oracle is helping IT teams avoid the mistakes that lead to security breaches.

by Sasha Banks-Louie | September 2020

In a September 14 Oracle Live event, Oracle Executive Vice President Clay Magouyrk revealed Oracle’s newest cloud security innovations. The critical point: Oracle is helping IT teams avoid the mistakes that lead to security breaches. The event included a demo of Oracle Maximum Security Zones, which require more than 30 security controls in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that can’t be turned off. Customers also discussed the value of Oracle Cloud Guard, which constantly monitors a company’s sensitive data to help spot threats and eliminate them. Don’t miss these top four ideas from the event:

Clay Magouyrk

Oracle has a different take on security

Magouyrk showed how traditional approaches to cloud security are failing, and that complex tooling and error-prone setups are to blame. For these reasons, Oracle created Maximum Security Zones, Cloud Guard, and Security Advisor: three new services that help relieve overburdened IT and security teams of having to manually configure their cloud environments. These services also continuously help identify attacks and suspicious activity, and provide step-by-step instructions for how to remediate them.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

IT faces pressure to be perfect

IT and security teams have lots of security tools, but the pressure to get every detail right when configuring them is intense. As if manually configuring network security and authenticating user identities aren’t complex enough, those teams need to then make sure their configurations don’t drift over time. Oracle takes the pressure off IT and security teams with the launch of three new security services, which help automate security configuration and management, and are included at no extra cost with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Magouyrk business insider

Oracle’s rivals got it wrong

As a key architect of Oracle’s cloud strategy, Magouyrk has watched competitors blame major security breaches on their customers—specifically, on the incorrect ways they set up other vendors’ complicated cloud security controls. But in an interview with Business Insider, Magouyrk takes issue with that blame game. “What if it’s not the customer’s fault?” he says. “Maybe the cloud provider is doing it wrong.” Check out this summary of the Business Insider article, which explains what Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft did wrong with their cloud security services, and what’s different about Oracle’s approach.

Tom Morgan

Cloud security takes constant improvement

Oracle’s new cloud security services are available at no extra cost with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. That means Cloud Infrastructure customers can just turn the services on to help monitor or protect a given cloud workload, and see what they learn about their security posture. With each security alert, there’s also an explanation of the risk and a recommended remediation. "What I like about Oracle Cloud Guard is the fact that it is continuously running and available to a wider group of people, which provides a continuous improvement process in our security posture," says Tom Morgan, threat intelligence lead, Cyber Security Group, Darling Ingredients, in a this press release. Hear from more Oracle Cloud Guard customers including Discngine, ALEF, and Siram Veolia.

Sasha Banks-Louie

Sasha Banks-Louie

An organic hay farmer and writer, Sasha Banks-Louie is a brand journalist at Oracle, covering cloud infrastructure, as well as startups and research institutions.