Destination: Ohio

A young man’s thoughts turn to Java

Caleb Curry is 25, just like the Java programming language. “People were writing in Java when I was born,” he says. “That’s so weird.” An online content developer, Caleb has an appreciation for all that Java can do—and not just because they share the same age. He believes the way Java is structured helps him avoid mistakes, and he likes the stability and predictability of Java. He loves how he can build more scalable code that’s easier to control. Java is “a great choice” for learning proper programming techniques, he says, and people who aren’t using Java are really missing the boat. Learn more on this virtual road trip stop.

A community of code

Low code development platforms add a new tool to the developer toolbox—sometimes, with the added benefit of a supportive community of collaborators to help get work done. Oracle Application Express (APEX) allows developers from all over the world to work together on lightweight apps that can quickly address pressing needs, such as coordinating the donation and distribution of essential items, planning grocery delivery routes, or tracking the efficacy of COVID-19 treatments. During this stop on the virtual road trip, we hear from Joel Kallman, senior director, software development at Oracle who says this last example, built on Oracle APEX, sets a new standard for how fast a development team could bring an app to market. “In what would traditionally taken many months to deliver we were able to build and deploy complete solutions in a couple of weeks,” he says.