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Women’s History Month

We are proud to be a part of a global community that helps grow and develop strong, smart, and passionate women. From challenge comes change, and this International Women's Day, we encourage everyone to join us and #ChooseToChallenge inequality every single day.

Data changes the game: A conversation with Venus Williams

Data changes the game: A conversation with Venus Williams

Celebrate Women’s History Month, by watching Venus Williams, 7x Grand Slam winner, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist, and entrepreneur, discuss how she uses data to gain a competitive edge in tennis and business. Venus’s strength and power helped change the game of tennis. Now, she is achieving similar heights in business. Ashley Hart, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud, sat down with Venus to chat about how she's used analytics to gain insights and make key decisions throughout her career.

Writing the future: The personal narrative and the path to success

Writing the future: The personal narrative and the path to success

A positive personal narrative guides not only a person’s perception of herself but how others see her. It is prescriptive, as in: “This is the person I want to be and this is the story I tell myself to become that person.” Four female senior vice presidents from Oracle discuss “Choose to Challenge,” the mantra for this year’s International Women’s Day, and the power of a personal narrative.

From challenge, comes change

Injustice. Gender bias. Intolerance. Stereotypes. On International Women's Day, Oracle Women's Leadership is inspiring us all to #ChooseToChallenge the status quo and bring about real change in our communities.

Five female founders share the pivot that changed their lives

Five female founders share the pivot that changed their lives

Female founders and entrepreneurs are creating transformational technologies and movements for the benefit of society and business. Here are five life-changing, inspirational stories straight from the innovative women of the Oracle for Startups program.

Conquering the gender gap in male-dominated workplaces

Conquering the gender gap in male-dominated workplaces

Italy is still very much male-centric—you can see in politics, business and many other fields as well. But younger generations are full of committed and ambitious young women who will accomplish great things—if they get the mentorship they need.

Celebrating our advocates on International Women’s Day

Celebrating our advocates on International Women’s Day

Oracle ACEs, Oracle Groundbreakers, Java Champions and other community members celebrate women’s achievements in innovation and technology and #ChooseToChallenge a problem to foster a more gender equal world.

We’ve all had mentors (even if we didn’t realize it)

We’ve all had mentors (even if we didn’t realize it)

Mentoring take lots of forms—everything from technical help, emotional support, and invaluable advice on how to negotiate corporate politics. Oracle’s Maria Colgan takes the opportunity to thank the women who mentored her through her career.

Savita Raina

“I pledge to celebrate women’s achievements.”

6 tips for women entrepreneurs

Our new ABLE leader wants you to have faith in what you bring to the table

Oracle Marketing Specialist Faith Humbles serves as the national co-chair of the Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (ABLE)—an employee resource group created to enrich the careers of Black employees at Oracle. As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, gender equality is something which is always on Faith’s agenda, but especially so with International Women’s Day on the horizon.

Annalisa Giangregorio

“I pledge to recognize and fight unconscious bias.”

Lisa Joy Rosner

To the women who raised me

“As we come to International Women’s Day and I reflect on my own experiences, I felt compelled to share how important examples can come from anywhere—and that you can never have too many role models and they are all around us. It’s as important for a little girl to look up at Vice President Kamala Harris as it is for her to look up to her own grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins, and friends,” writes Oracle senior vice president Lisa Joy Rosner.

Mathew Baker

“I pledge to oppose sexism, racism, ablism, unconscious bias, hatred, and discrimination through listening, learning, unlearning, and active allyship.”

Change requires sustained effort

Five women who are taking on the COVID-19 pandemic

From a senior architect responsible for vetting every COVID-19 grant presented to Oracle, to a pharmaceutical industry expert who acts as an intermediary between health science researchers and developers on the Oracle team, their stories highlight some of the contributions made by women at Oracle.

Laura Ligouri

“I pledge to never stop the discussion about gender equality.”

Skye Hart

Stopping human trafficking in its tracks: How one woman’s brave idea turned into a movement

When Skye Hart read an article in The New York Times claiming that tech companies weren’t doing nearly enough to help prevent human trafficking, the Oracle solutions engineer agreed. Through conversations with private investigators, law enforcement, and nonprofits, Skye’s team was able to identify a number of problems that were preventing victims being found—chief among them, the lack of centralized data sources and real-time insight.