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Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform

Create a single, dynamic view of each customer in real time. With built-in AI and machine learning, Unity brings data together from all sources, applies intelligence, and activates insights to improve the B2B and B2C customer experience across marketing, sales, service, and commerce. Oracle Unity is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that provides customer intelligence.

Discover Oracle Unity in this product tour.

Explore Oracle Unity

Single, dynamic customer view

Bring back- and front-office data into a unified, 360-degree customer profile. Oracle Unity gathers customer signals and applies them to the customer profile in real time so you have the most up-to-date information about your customer in every moment.

Connect all data sources

Simplify and consolidate all of your online, offline, first-, second-, and third-party data sources into a dynamic and connected customer profile.

Built-in identity resolution

Connect individual identities across devices, channels, and domains. Use advanced privacy and identity controls to build a unified, accessible profile.

Enterprise data quality

Organize and maintain data quality by consolidating all of your data, including real-time behavioral signals, into a single repository. Unity cleanses and prepares that data and uses it to build enterprise data models.

Industry-specific schemas

Take advantage of data models built for your industry and a metadata-driven architecture that you can fully configure and extend.

Customer profile enrichment

Unity calculates key indicators from your first-party data (such as propensity to churn and customer lifetime value) and adds attributes from second- and third-party data sources to help you understand your customers at a deeper level.

Prebuilt enrichment

Enrich your customer profiles with over 50,000 prebuilt, intelligent attributes or customize attributes based on your data model and business needs.

Third-party data connectors

Add valuable data to your customer profiles using out-of-the box connectors to third-party data service providers.

Native connection to Oracle DMP

Automate profile data enrichment within Unity with access to the world’s largest third-party data marketplace powered by Oracle Data Cloud.

Real-time segmentation

Drive engagement and loyalty with intelligent segmentation. Unity exposes customer behaviors and enables marketers to better understand customer intent and target relevant messaging to the right groups.

Behavioral scores

Gain valuable insights about customer behavior and fine-tune targeting using more than 80 behavioral scores, such as engagement score by channel, churn likelihood, purchase propensity, and more.

Prebuilt behavioral segments

Go beyond traditional targeting and create more sophisticated segments. Use more than 100 out-of-the-box behavioral segments that help you find your most valuable customers, early adopters, bargain hunters and more.

Real-time personalization

Gather customer intelligence in real time to inform consistent, relevant, and personalized experiences. Deliver the right message at the right time to you prospects and customers, across channels, devices, and interactions.

Intelligent analytics

Measure customer engagement and improve customer lifetime value using AI and machine learning to model, predict, and recommend the optimal experience and derive the next, best customer experience.

Performance reports

Evaluate engagement using several out-of-the-box widgets that include audience, campaign, and segment analyses.


Use advanced analytics to investigate and understand exactly why things happened the way they did.

Recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) value analysis

Determine which are your most valuable customers by understanding recency and frequency of purchase along with how much they spend.

Seamless, personalized experiences

Leverage actionable intelligence to orchestrate the optimal brand experience for every individual and maintain context across the entire customer journey. Unity integrates seamlessly into your applications for faster time to value.

CX integrations

Connect data across sales, service, marketing, and commerce with prebuilt integrations to Oracle Cloud CX apps.

Push-button publishing and personalization

Publish customer segments and set up real-time context for personalization with a single click, across martech and adtech channels.

Real-time customer 360-degree context

Get the 360-degree context of the customer natively available in your marketing, sales, service, and commerce engagement applications as well as adtech channels.

Business-user ready

Give the power of data to everyone in your organization. Business users get the information they need to personalize customer experiences in real time.

ShopBack logo

ShopBack wows customers with a connected, relevant experience

ShopBack, a loyalty and discovery platform with over eleven million members across eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region, selected Oracle Unity to unify its customer data and deliver a personalized service to its customers.

Key benefits

  • Gain a 360-degree view of every customer

    Deliver highly personalized experiences through a 360-degree view of your customer interactions across marketing, sales, service, commerce, and back office.

  • Accelerate time to value

    Take advantage of prebuilt industry schemas and an open and extensible platform to quickly realize the value of your CDP in an accelerated timeframe.

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue

    Go beyond simply knowing your customers. Use the power of AI and machine learning to intelligently guide them to the best possible experience and outcome.

Key benefits
Thought Leadership

The Path to CX Data Excellence

Abbas Makhdum, Director of Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud CX

Data proficiency helps companies excel across multiple functions of marketing, sales, service, and commerce. Without it, embarrassing public relations disasters are possible. Whether winners or losers, contenders or pretenders, every company has a chance to mine and refine their data to drive improvements in the speed and accuracy of doing business with their customers.

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Customer intelligence platform solution brief

Customer intelligence platform solution brief

A comprehensive overview of Oracle Unity Customer Intelligence Platform. Learn more about how this solution delivers a data-first approach centered on the customer, comprehensive intelligence at scale, and real-time activation of CX.

Documentation library

Customer intelligence drives hypergrowth in the experience economy

Learn how to master your customer data and drive success in our new world, where customers need and expect more from your brand. For smart enterprises, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Join the CX Hero Hub

Join the CX Hero Hub

Join the Oracle CX Hero Hub, an online community where you can get recognized, give feedback, grow your network, and share success.

Oracle University

Learn more about Oracle Cloud CX

Oracle University provides you with free training and certification you can rely on to ensure your organization’s success, all delivered in your choice of formats.

What is a CDP?

What is a CDP?

Learn how a CDP takes data from all sources, unifies it, and stores it for as long as you want, creating a complete customer profile for each of your customers. Hosted by Oracle’s Abbas Makhdum.

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