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Standard-based, Robust and Secure Messaging Solution in the Cloud

The Oracle Messaging Cloud Service is a communication backbone delivered as a cloud service that connects any internet-based applications and devices on cloud and on-premise in a flexible, reliable and secure way, ideal for an event-driven service oriented architecture (SOA).


Build flexible, complex business process easily, connecting either existing or new components anywhere in a hybrid enterprise IT infrastructure.


Support mission critical business flows with a reliable, secure messaging service.


Scale your messaging infrastructure through a cost-effective self-managed service to accommodate future business needs.

Product Features

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Communication Patterns

    Queues and Topics

  • Both Queues and Topics are supported as message destinations.
  • Transaction

  • Transactions are sequences of send and receive operations grouped into atomic operations.
  • Message Push Listeners

  • Asynchronously receive messages from one destination and either sends the messages to another destination or pushes them to a user-defined URL as an HTTP request.
  • Standard Interfaces

  • Provides standard REST and JMS interfaces for interacting with the service programmatically.

Reliability Mechanisms


  • Acknowledgement modes clients can set to acknowledge the messages they receive from the messaging service.
  • Durable Subscription

  • A durable subscription saves messages sent to a topic for later consumption by a client consumer.
  • Persistent Messages

  • Store messages in a durable medium to ensure they are not lost if the service is down.
  • Retry and Failover Policies

  • Clients have the ability to define specific responses to network failures, failure to push the message to a destination, etc.



  • All HTTP requests to the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service REST API should supply HTTP basic authentication credentials through the authorization header.
  • Identity and Access Controls

  • Manage user identity and access permission through the integrated ID management and access control capability provided by Oracle Public Cloud Service.
  • CSRF Prevention

  • Oracle Messaging Cloud Service generates pseudorandom anti-CSRF tokens for each messaging context to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

Service Administration

    Account Management

  • As part of the Oracle Cloud, the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service can be monitored and managed through the central Oracle Cloud Management Console.
  • Metered Cloud Service

  • With metered billing, customers can automatically control costs and reduce operational expenditure during non-peak business seasons.
  • Monitoring

  • Monitor usage, available quota, service utilization and uptime.