Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager

Archive. Access. Protect

Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (Oracle HSM) software enables you to reduce the cost and complexity of managing extensive amounts of data in a tiered storage environment. With its unlimited scalability and customizable, automated policies, Oracle HSM provides a simple and efficient way to securely access, retain, and protect data throughout its lifecycle.

Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM)

Data archiving and protection with automated storage tiering.

Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager overview

Ingest. Archive. Repeat.

  • Continuously archives data to local and remote storage locations
  • Set policies to tier to Oracle Storage Cloud Service using Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance
  • Web-based management portal, enhanced diagnostics, and role-based access control
  • Local and shared archiving file systems can be configured to use Solaris Zones partitioning software
  • Support for a wide range of ingest options and protocols
  • Support for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and Oracle All Flash FS storage systems
  • Support for Oracle’s highly economical, high-capacity StorageTek tape storage
Oracle HSM helps facilitate breakthrough cure for Alzheimer's disease
Oracle HSM Helps Facilitate Breakthrough Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), a leader in brain research, used Oracle HSM to facilitate a laboratory breakthrough in the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s. (3:26)

Tiered Storage and Archive Cloud background image
Tiered Storage and Archive Cloud

Discover the benefits of a secure, tiered storage infrastructure (STSI) architecture solution and the new features in Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.1 (HSM) that improve efficiencies and ensure long-term access to archived STSI data. (9:02)

Oracle HSM 6.0
Meet Oracle HSM

Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 (HSM) software reduces the cost of managing data and storing vast data repositories by providing a powerful, easily managed, cost-effective way to access, retain, and protect data over its entire lifecycle. (2:58)

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