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Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Advanced Customer Services OpenWorld 2018
Oracle Advanced Customer Services at OpenWorld 2018

October 22-25, 2018, in San Francisco, CA


Oracle Advanced Customer Services at Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Many customers joined our experts and attended informative sessions that will help them make the most of their Oracle investment. They also viewed demos of our industry-leading solutions and met us at Stars Bar to get their questions answered. The following information outlines some of what we shared at Oracle's largest technology conference of the year.

Demo Sessions

At the Customer Welcome Center, attendees had the opportunity to speak with experts as they demonstrated key capabilities of Oracle Advanced Customer Services. If you'd also like to learn firsthand how our flexible solutions support your innovation and business growth, click the button below to request a demo.



  • DevOps Starter Pack, Strategic Review, Build, and Deploy
  • Oracle® Pulse for the Managed Cloud
  • Application Monitoring and Advisory
  • Oracle Management Cloud (OMC)
  • Database Upgrade Assurance
  • Database Upgrade Scheduler
  • Performance Tuning and Benchmarking
  • Advanced Database Support

Support Mini—Briefing Sessions

  • The New Oracle Monitoring and Advisory Service for Applications Unlimited

    Oracle Monitoring and Advisory Service for Applications Unlimited is an autonomous applications checking service designed to quickly report faults, proactively detect issues that might impact availability or impact a major business process, and improve your visibility and operational oversight of your Oracle Applications environment. In this session attendees learned about the service's architecture and its automated ability to discover agents and targets utilizing an ever-growing library of hundreds of smart sensors and data collectors.

    Download the presentation

  • Managed Identity Services: Unifying Access to Cloud and On-Premises Applications

    In this session attendees learned how Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Service provides identity and access management solutions tailored to their specific needs for both cloud and on-premises business applications. They also gained insights into how Oracle's end-to-end services help free up free their staff from infrastructure and software management, monitoring, and upgrades, saving them time and money while lowering IT risks.

    Download the presentation

  • Boost Cloud Adoption with Business Help Desk for SaaS

    End user productivity is essential to the success of any SaaS deployment. In this session attendees learned how Business Help Desk for SaaS from Oracle Advanced Customer Services can assist with application functionality, diagnosis of functional issues, and questions about how to configure and implement a cloud solution. Fast track cloud adoption success with Oracle's Business Help Desk for SaaS.

    Download the presentation

  • Get a Jump-Start with the DevOps Starter Pack

    IT teams everywhere are jumping on the DevOps bandwagon. DevOps is not, however, something you do overnight. The best way to achieve DevOps is to learn by doing, and Oracle Advanced Customer Services can play a pivotal role in DevOps adoption. Attendees who viewed this session to learn how the DevOps Starter Pack can provide them with the right guidance, leadership, tools, and expertise to quickly put DevOps into practice by deploying a fully functioning nonproduction environment.

    Download the presentation

Learning Sessions


  • Moving Peoplesoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Vale S.A. Case Study

    In this session, Vale, a Brazilian multinational mining company, described its very successful journey to Oracle Cloud. Learn about its success strategies and lessons learned about the implementation and transition phases. See how Vale leveraged the expertise of Oracle Advanced Customer Services to move its Oracle Applications Unlimited to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Discover how Oracle Advanced Customer Services also provided a functional service desk and support for customizations, extensions, and integrations to maximize the business benefit Vale receives from its mission-critical systems.

    Download the presentation

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Proven End-to-End Approach to IaaS

    Cloud computing offers many benefits including increased scalability, flexibility, availability, and productivity. While cloud computing shares similarities with other service-delivery models such as managed services, cloud computing also offers its own unique opportunities and complexities. In this session learn how Oracle Advanced Customer Services can transition your systems to an Oracle Cloud IaaS environment and manage your systems there. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has a holistic and pragmatic approach to cloud adoption with custom-developed tools and experience-based expertise. Download this session to learn more about the benefits of leveraging Oracle Advanced Customer Services to ensure the success of your cloud journey.

    Download the presentation

  • Moving Siebel Loyalty to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: A Smiles S.A. Case Study

    Smiles, the largest customer loyalty program in Brazil, with more than 14 million participants and a network of more than 150 airlines and commercial partners, moved its Oracle's Siebel Loyalty system to Oracle Cloud. In this session, learn from Smiles about how it leveraged Oracle Advanced Customer Services' expertise and tailored services to upgrade, transition, run, and maintain Siebel IP2017 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including Oracle Exadata Cloud Service. This strategic initiative helped Smiles achieve key goals, including cloud elasticity, DevOps capabilities, zero downtime, and top performance, that supported its dynamic business with cutting-edge technology.

    Download the presentation

  • Protect Your Business and Your Data with Oracle Managed Security Services

    Data security, integrity, privacy, and compliance with regulatory requirements are a top priority for most companies, whether they run their databases and applications in their own data centers or on cloud platforms. Today, organizations are challenged to address security requirements while also running and growing their businesses. In this session, you'll learn from the experts on how to securely transition critical business applications and protect sensitive data when moving to Oracle Cloud. Discover how Oracle Managed Security services can help you achieve and maintain compliance, better manage users and roles, and secure access to your on-premises and cloud services while saving time and money.

    Download the presentation

  • Seize the Day: Accelerate and Optimize Business Cloud Adoption

    Prepare your business for cloud success with help from Oracle Advanced Customer Services. In this session, you'll read how Oracle Advanced Customer Services' functional services such as mission-critical support for SaaS help IT and business owners readily adopt the cloud and maximize cloud investments. Learn strategies to address common challenges, including change management in a SaaS and PaaS environment; recruitment, development, and retention of cloud functionality; and technical skills to support your business in the cloud. Discover how to address business processes that are integrated in hybrid cloud scenarios where processes span multiple cloud and on-premises workloads.

    Download the presentation

  • Siebel CRM Thought Leadership Panel

    In this session learn from Oracle's leading global customers how they use Oracle's Siebel CRM today to innovate and achieve market-leading status and competitive advantages toward digital transformation.

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  • Tuesday

  • Break Down Barriers with DevOps to Accelerate Innovation

    The rapid provisioning of DevTest and production environments is essential in modern IT because it enables an agile and robust DevOps pipeline and operation. For organizations to excel, they need to release new applications quickly and efficiently. In this session, you'll learn how to transform your current environment into an agile DevOps platform using complete infrastructure, database, middleware, Oracle Applications Unlimited, and industry solutions. Oracle Advanced Customer Services has the expertise and tools to help you rapidly adopt, execute, and manage your DevOps practices on cloud or on-premises platforms. Download this session to see Oracle Advanced Customer Services DevOps platform services and tools in action.

    Download the presentation

  • Secure Your IT Services with Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Services

    Is access to your cloud and on-premises business applications secure? Do you have the resources, expertise, and infrastructure to implement your IT modernization programs and automate account/privilege management and attestation? Download this session to learn about Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Service, powered by modern and time-tested identity and access management (IAM) technology. This end-to-end service frees you from infrastructure and software management, monitoring, and upgrades. Discover how Oracle Managed Identity Cloud Services can save you time and money, and lower your risks while providing identity and access management solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Download the presentation

  • Oracle Cloud at Customer: Have It Your Way

    You love the idea of using public cloud services, but for business and technical reasons, you are limited to keeping your applications and data on your premises. In this session, read how other customers achieved the benefits of Oracle Cloud right in their own data center with Oracle Cloud at Customer for database, big data, and applications.

    Download the presentation

  • Wednesday

  • Embrace Oracle Autonomous Database and Accelerate Adoption

    Oracle Autonomous Database brings enormous benefits in database management and operational efficiency. This approach allows you to focus your resources on strategic applications and business initiatives. In this session learn how to prepare your database environments for fast Oracle Autonomous Database onboarding. Gain insights into how Oracle Advanced Customer Services can provide tailored support to help with the integration of Autonomous Databases and management of your hybrid database environments.

    Download the presentation

  • Oracle's Applications Unlimited Products Are Thriving in the Cloud

    Running Oracle's Applications Unlimited products on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables customers to realize the benefits of the cloud and be part of a hybrid cloud strategy. Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle's PeopleSoft, and other Oracle Applications Unlimited products can continue to fulfill an organization's core business requirements while lowering infrastructure costs. In this session, customers described how they benefit from running Oracle Applications Unlimited on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with the support of Oracle Advanced Customer Services. The result? They save time, money, and valuable IT budget for more strategic business initiatives, and also help customers with security and functional services.

    Download the presentation

  • The Forgotten Necessities: Complementing SaaS with PaaS

    SaaS is a great way to run your business with industry-leading software without the pain and expense of maintaining the applications or data center. Cloud applications do not typically sit in isolation and frequently integrate with many other cloud workloads and on-premises applications via application programming interfaces or extensions on PaaS and IaaS. How does your business proactively monitor and manage these integrations and extensions to minimize the impact of ongoing change? Download this session and learn how Oracle Advanced Customer Services SaaS experts have helped customers successfully manage and monitor SaaS integrations and extensions and how these services can help you deliver increased value to your business.

    Download the presentation

  • Journey to the Cloud: Latin America Customer Success Showcase

    This highly interactive panel discussion highlights Latin American customers who have leveraged Oracle Advanced Customer Services to help transition their Oracle software to the cloud using optimized, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)–based processes. These customers described the benefits they realized from their journey to cloud, including accelerating business results, lowering risk, reducing total cost of ownership for their IT, and lowering costs across their organizations.

    Download the presentation

  • Thursday

  • Insights into an Integrated HCM Solution: Daimler's Transformation

    In this session learn how Daimler AG, a multinational automotive corporation, is moving to a hybrid cloud solution leveraging Oracle SaaS integrated with Oracle's PeopleSoft solutions on Oracle's engineered systems. With guidance and expertise from Oracle Advanced Customer Services, Daimler has optimized its infrastructure, driven product adoption, and enhanced application performance and security. Hear how Daimler manages its transition to the cloud and how Oracle Advanced Customer Services is helping the company reduce risk and achieve business goals.

    Download the presentation

  • Make the Most of Your Oracle Cloud at Customer Investment

    Learn from the experts about how you can leverage the benefits of Oracle technology while maximizing your investment in the Oracle Cloud at Customer suite, including Oracle Cloud at Customer, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, and Oracle Big Data Cloud at Customer. Discover how Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help jumpstart your organization's transition and efficiently manage your workloads in the Oracle Cloud at Customer environment.

    Download the presentation

  • Leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Applications, and Oracle Premier Support

    Enterprise applications thrive in high-performance and low-latency environments. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Applications run in their natural habitat: a cloud built by Oracle, optimized for mission-critical applications, and Oracle workloads. With Oracle Premier Support, you get seamless support and security you can rely on with flexibility on where you run prod, dev, and test environments. Because you bring both your apps and business customizations to the cloud, users have the same experience and the same comprehensive support. In this session learn how you can take advantage of the inherent benefits of Oracle's IaaS platforms and hear how customers transformed their business by moving their core applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    Download the presentation

  • Enterprise Agility with the Siebel CRM Continuous Release Model

    The new continuous release model for Oracle's Siebel CRM provides the ability to deliver new features and innovation faster. Customers can now be more agile than ever and embrace frequent innovation updates without the need for major upgrades. In this session learn how the new release model provides greater flexibility in choosing what updates to apply and when to apply them. Hear about Oracle's commitment to continuous innovation while providing a commitment for Oracle Premier Support through 2030 and an ongoing 10-year rolling window.

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