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Accelerating Business Outcomes

Helping customers gain faster and better value from their Oracle products.

Do More. Be More. Achieve More.

Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services provide you with the strategic perspective and insight you need to achieve unparalleled business results.

Cloud applications promise the ability to quickly deploy new functionality, integrate technology, and achieve better insights, all with lower investment risk and greater flexibility. But the speed and continuous state of change associated with cloud applications can be disruptive if you haven’t fully embraced the processes and culture changes necessary to achieve those promises.

Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services help you look beyond the technology to create the agile processes and change-ready culture needed to thrive with the innovation opportunities the cloud brings.

Our highly-skilled Customer Success Managers have deep knowledge of Oracle’s SaaS products and years of experience working in the same industries as our customers. They use their product and domain proficiency, along with deep business insights and benchmarks derived from our visibility into how customers use Oracle’s SaaS products, to help you help you drive faster, more dramatic improvements by:

  • Building a solid foundation for managing the ongoing product releases
  • Establishing a resilient and agile culture
  • Learning about industry practices
  • Thinking about innovation
  • Planning for continuous improvement

Services Designed Around Five Value Pillars

Business Continuity Assurance

Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services support improving stability and performance by helping you plan for and manage ongoing product releases. Our Customer Success Managers keep you fully informed at all times to minimize surprises and help you stay prepared. If something about your environment changes, you are the first to know. Being fully prepared for the ongoing release cycles provides the process stability and predictability that can help you avoid risks.

Change Management Facilitation

Customer Success Managers drive support for critical changes and guide you in ensuring that the right training and communications are in place for smooth, widespread adoption. They also work with you to build a culture that is agile and innovation-focused by creating peer-to-peer networks, sharing content, and helping you maximize the value of thought-leadership events.

Compliance and Governance

Customer Success Managers work with you on security audits and provide compliance guidance. These services support duty-of-care obligations and ongoing security validation needs. They ensure that you are alert to risk and can help you proactively avoid legal, brand, and revenue-impacting security and governance breaches.

Consumption and Adoption

To help drive greater adoption and usage of the product, Customer Success Managers continuously monitor the state of the solution to ensure that you are not experiencing the adoption drift or consumption erosion that can hamper ROI. Through these services, you also receive best-practice guidance and process reviews to identify opportunities to drive better alignment with the technology’s capabilities.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services drive continuous improvement via a thorough success planning process and by benchmarking against customers using the same technology. Customer Success Managers identify emerging best practices, innovations, and ideas—and provide guidance on what you should leverage to achieve your goals. These services help you understand what is possible and position you to take advantage of those possibilities.

Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle OpenWorld—Meet our team at this year’s event and discover more about Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services.

Modern Cloud Practices Assessment

Curious about how you stack up when it comes to customer success? Take the five- minute Modern Cloud Practices Assessment and discover your customer-success maturity level for your cloud transformation journey.

Customer Stories

Hear It From Our Customers

Zebra Technologies

Read How Zebra Technologies Is Setting the Bar for Social Engagement


Zebra Technologies

How Zebra Technologies leveraged Oracle Social Cloud and Customer Business Advisory Services to increase engagement by over 100%.


Spirit Airlines

Read What Spirit Airlines Has to Say About Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services

Working with [Oracle] Customer Success [Advisory Services] as a strategic partner kick starts our journey to go beyond our current capabilities and get much more value from our purchase of Responsys.
Rana Ghosh, Head, E-Commerce and Ancillary Revenue, Spirit Airlines
Zebra Technologies

Oracle Customer Success Business Advisory Services Helps Zebra Technologies Achieve Meaningful Business Outcomes

Oracle’s Customer Success Business Advisory Services, delivered by our Customer Success Manager (CSM), helps us achieve meaningful business outcomes from Oracle’s Social Cloud product. Our CSM is an extension of our team who knows our business and understands what’s important to us. He’s established an invaluable connection with Oracle’s Social Cloud Product team, providing a high level of insight into upcoming product enhancements and allowing us to provide feedback and influence how the product evolves. The strength of this relationship provides us with assurance that the direction of Social Cloud aligns with Zebra’s social media strategy.
Sally-Anne Schmick, Manager, Global Social Media Strategy, Zebra Technologies
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