Global Data Services

Automated Workload Management for Replicated Databases



Oracle Global Data Services Overview

Oracle Database 18c Global Data Services (GDS) is a complete automated workload management solution for replicated databases (using replication technologies such as Active Data Guard, Oracle GoldenGate etc.).  Oracle GDS provides the following key capabilities for a set of replicated databases that are globally distributed or located within the same data center:

>  Region-based workload routing
>  Connect-time Load balancing
>  Provides Run-time load balancing advisory for Oracle integrated clients
>  Inter-database Service failover
>  Replication lag based workload routing for Active Data Guard
>  Role-based global Services for Active Data Guard
>  Centralized workload management framework

Benefits of Global Data Services

Oracle GDS is a unique and new scalability and availability feature of Oracle Database. GDS increases the ROI of the replicated investments made by the customers with Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active Data Guard. It renders better systems utilization and offers better performance, scalability, and availability for application workloads running on replicated databases. Customers can now use GDS right out of the Oracle stack to achieve these benefits without the need to integrate with multiple point solutions or home grown products. For customers with Active Data Guard or Oracle GoldenGate, GDS is a must have key component in their Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA).
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