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What is Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode?

Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) is a unique next-generation migration tool providing an end-to-end solution for migrating your databases from legacy encodings to Unicode. DMU's intuitive user-interface greatly simplifies the migration process and lessens the need for character set migration expertise by guiding the DBA through the entire migration process as well as automating many of the migration tasks. It comes with a scalable in-place migration architecture which significantly reduces the effort and downtime required for data conversion, comparing to conventional export and import migration methods. For post-migration and existing databases already using the Unicode character set, the DMU also has a validation mode, in which it identifies data not correctly encoded in Unicode, thus providing a healthcheck on potential issues with implementation of Unicode in database applications.

Starting with release 2.1, DMU supports a near-zero downtime migration model in conjunction with the Oracle GoldenGate replication technology. Using DMU and GoldenGate or later, you can set up a migration procedure that takes advantage of the DMU data preparation and in-place conversion capabilities while leveraging GoldenGate to replicate incremental data changes on the production system during the migration process, thereby effectively eliminating the downtime window requirement.

Oracle DMU 2.2 has been released in November 2017. Please see the DMU 2.2 Release Notes for changes since the 2.1.1 release.

Oracle DMU is described in more details in the DMU Data Sheet.

Licensing and Support

Oracle DMU is a free Oracle Database tool. It is distributed via OTN and via My Oracle Support (MOS). Both download packages are identical but the OTN download is made available under the OTN Developer License, which allows you to evaluate the tool, while the MOS download is a Program Update under the database support contract and permits you to migrate production databases covered by a valid support contract on any level that entitles to Program Updates.

The DMU is fully supported for customers with database support contracts on any level that entitles to assistance with service requests. You can file service requests for the DMU as you can for your Oracle Database.

Supported Database Releases

For information about the currently supported database releases and platforms, see Supported Configurations.

Getting Started

Want to try out the DMU? Refer to the Getting Started page for a step-by-step instruction to download, install and start the tool.

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