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Oracle R Enterprise, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Option, makes the open source R statistical programming language and environment ready for the enterprise and big data. Designed for problems involving both large and small volumes of data, Oracle R Enterprise integrates R with Oracle Database. R users can run R commands and scripts for statistical, machine learning, and graphical analyses on data stored in Oracle Database. R users can develop, refine, and deploy R scripts that leverage the parallelism and scalability of Oracle Database to automate data analysis. Data analysts and data scientists can run R packages and develop and operationalize R scripts for analytical applications in one step—without having to learn SQL. Oracle R Enterprise performs function pushdown for in-database execution of base R and popular R package functions. Being integrated with Oracle Database, Oracle R Enterprise can run any R package via embedded R while the database manages the data served to the R engines.

With the new release of Oracle R Enterprise 1.5.1, Oracle introduces new parallel algorithms, and support for Oracle R Distribution 3.3.0. A sample of enhancements include:

Parallel algorithms

  • Expectation Maximization
  • Explicit Semantic Analysis
  • Singular Value Decomposition
Automated text processing in parallel algorithms
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Generalized Linear Model
  • K-Means
  • Singular Value Decomposition
  • Non-negative Matrix Factorization
  • Explicit Semantic Analysis
Capability enhancements
  • Partitioned models
  • Extensible R algorithm models
New packages
  • OREdplyr - provides dplyr functionality extending the Oracle R Enterprise transparency layer
  • OAAgraph - provides a single, unified interface supporting the complementary use of machine learning and graph analytics technologies with Oracle Spatial and Graph PGX
For a complete list of features and enhancements, see the product Release Notes.

To learn more about Oracle's support for R technologies, visit our R Technologies website.


customer-icon Customer Quotes

Download "We store vast amounts of seismic data, process this information with sophisticated math algorithms, and deliver it to remote users under tight deadlines. We deployed Oracle Database together with Oracle Spatial and Graph, Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer on Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle R Enterprise to keep these complex business processes running smoothly. The result exceeded our most optimistic expectations."

               -- Artem Khodyaev, Chief Engineer
                  Corporate Center of Seismic Information Repository
Download "We at Slacker Radio are excited about the new release of Oracle R Enterprise 1.4. The enhanced control over embedded R execution will enable us to optimize our predictive modeling workflows with greater precision. As our data sets contain thousands of variables, the enhanced ORE algorithms to address high cardinality categoricals offer us new possibilities for scalable in-database advanced analytics."

               -- Jordan Meyer, Data Scientist at Slacker Radio
Download "Oracle R Enterprise together with Oracle Active Data Guard technology enabled StubHub to offer an environment for data scientists to work directly with database resident data using the open source R language scripts as is. That enabled us to create an agile platform for data science reusing our existing data warehouse infrastructure and processes, and has demonstrated future possibilities for expansion"

               -- Yadong Chen, Principal Architect, StubHub

"Big data is having a tremendous impact on how we run our business. Oracle Database and its various options—including Oracle Advanced Analytics—combine high-performance data-mining functions with the open source R language to enable predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations, and interactive graphics—all inside the database."

               -- Mike Barber, Senior Manager of Data Science, StubHub
Download "We have chosen Oracle Advanced Analytics to successfully implement and replace a full Statistical workflow. With new Oracle R Enterprise 1.4, we were able to execute computations on thousands of attributes in parallel that was impossible or very slow with open-source R, and we completed our workflow with the Oracle Data Mining easy-to-use GUI for in-Database modeling."

               -- Karlo Kovacic, BI Director, Zagreba─Źka banka (ZABA)
Download "Designing high performance microprocessor involves meticulous analysis and optimization of the many underlying circuits and systems. The analytical models used in the analysis and optimization tools are often derived from large volumes of silicon and simulation data. We recently adopted Oracle R Enterprise to enhance the model generation capabilities in all our tools, leveraging ORE's rich in-database analysis capabilities. The deployment of ORE within the Oracle microprocessor tools environment has introduced a technology that significantly expands our data analysis and modeling capabilities and opens the door to many new applications."

               -- Mike Splain, Executive Vice President
                   Oracle Microelectronics Group
Download "R is a powerful and interesting tool for data analysis! ORE brings R into a scalable DB engine (solving problems of data management, analysis and scalability). We actually can obtain information and added value from not so actively used data."

               -- Stefano Alberto Russo, Researcher at CERN Openlab
Financiera Uno Peru - Logo "Oracle Advanced Analytics will enable Financiera Uno to stop having to extract the data from the DWH for Analysis, and to be able to develop Risk models for our commercial and collections divisions that can be rapidly deployed, taking advantage of the powerful in-Database features of the Oracle Solution"

               -- Estanislao Chipana, Risk Deputy Manager, Financiera Uno


customer-icon Customer Video Stories


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Posted: 18 Nov, 2014

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What can you use for a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics? How do you drive company growth to leverage actions of millions of customers? How can you process big data volumes for near-real-time recommendations and dramatically reduce fraud?. Read what Stubhub achieved with Oracle R Enterprise from the Oracle Advanced Analytics option to Oracle Database here.
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