Oracle SQL Developer

Putting your text
to work
with Oracle Text

Oracle Text uses standard SQL to index, search, and analyze text and documents stored in the Oracle database, in files, and on the web. Oracle Text can perform linguistic analysis on documents, as well as search text using a variety of strategies including keyword searching, context queries, Boolean operations, pattern matching, mixed thematic queries, HTML/XML section searching, and so on. It can render search results in various formats including unformatted text, HTML with term highlighting, and original document format. Oracle Text supports multiple languages and uses advanced relevance-ranking technology to improve search quality. Oracle Text also offers advanced features like classification, clustering, and support for information visualization metaphors.

Ready to start using Oracle Text?

If you're already using the Oracle Database, enabling text searching within your applications is quite straightforward. Oracle Text uses the same SQL language as the database, and integrates seamlessly with your existing SQL. Oracle Text can be used from any programming language which has a SQL interface, meaning just about all of them.  

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