Oracle Database JDBC Driver & UCP Downloads

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Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( JDBC Drivers & UCP Downloads

  Zipped JDBC Driver and Companion JARs
  Download  ojdbc-full.tar.gz (8,711,607 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 45e16e69144b97b79cfd4b725b002713d409f61d)
The TAR archive contains the latest JDBC Thin driver (ojdbc7.jar and ojdbc6.jar), Universal Connection Pool (ucp.jar), other companion jars, and README that has more information about the contents of the tar file.
  Unzipped JDBC Driver and Companion JARs
  The JARs included in the ojdbc-full.tar.gz are also available as individual downloads in this section.
  Download ojdbc7.jar (3,397,734 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: a2348e4944956fac05235f7cd5d30bf872afb157)
d with JDK7 and JDK8;
  Download ojdbc6.jar (3,389,454 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 5d5d3e7a6b217ddc0c1c4c6d14b352e8b04453ef)
For use with JDK6;
  Download ucp.jar (583,371 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 7f21ba5dc542f8b672b312d50106fe045b89f363)
  Download ojdbc.policy (10,542 bytes) - Sample security policy file for Oracle Database JDBC drivers
  Download orai18n.jar (1,659,576 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 216a545f85a5b356d182c5963b2e92d862216bdc)
Classes for NLS support
  Download xdb6.jar (263,690 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: dda7907a5a608391c8a8abef68255cfc6f9d2f46)
Classes to support standard JDBC 4.x java.sql.SQLXML interface (Java SE 6 & Java SE 7).
  Download ons.jar (105,016 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: aee1afae39a7b7609a3290f7b92697db3ec53398)
For use by the pure Java client-side Oracle Notification Services (ONS) daemon
  Download simplefan.jar (21,048 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 13a3c504fb7ee9517327b1efe13dd5fa3fa125c3)
Java APIs for subscribing to RAC events via ONS; simplefan policy and javadoc

Diagnosability related JARs

Download ojdbc-diag.tar.gz (28,679,165 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 556d881310b9ee4099b952f1c08f176326596697)
The download contains the diagnosability related Jars (ojdbc7_g.jar, ojdbc7_dms.jar, ojdbc7dms_g.jar, ojdbc6_g.jar, ojdbc6_dms.jar, ojdbc6dms_g.jar) and README.txt that has more information about the contents of the tar file.

Code Samples, Javadoc, and README

Download ojdbc-javadoc.tar.gz (875,817 bytes) - (SHA1 Checksum: 72cb63ec369807bd3a889c19ad715bf14b9adeb2)
The download contains README-JDBC, README-UCP, jdbc-demo.tar, ucpdemos.jar,,, and README.txt that has more information about the contents of the tar file.
Use  'sha1sum <filename.jar>' or 'shasum <filename.jar>' command line utility on Linux to verify the integrity of the downloaded file.
Note: For platform specific JDBC-OCI libraries See Instant Client
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