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  • “With our Oracle solution for Big Data and Analytics we now have an analytics platform that has completely transformed our service delivery model. It provides An Post with a single source of truth while automatically consolidating data from all post offices nationwide.” – John Cronin, Group Chief Information Officer, An Post Limited

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  • "Big data is having a tremendous impact on how we run our business. Oracle Database and its various options, including Oracle Advanced Analytics, combine high-performance data-mining functions with the open source R language to enable predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, advanced numerical computations, and interactive graphics, all inside the database."
    -- Mike Barber, Senior Manager of Data Science, StubHub


  • Imagine standing under an avalanche of data - 2500 variables, 10 times per second, and a sailing team demanding answers to design and sailing variations immediately. This was the challenge facing the BMW ORACLE Racing Performance Analysis Team every sailing day as they refined and improved their giant 90 foot wide, 115 foot long trimaran sporting, the largest hard-sail wing ever made. Using ORACLE DATA MINING, accessing an ORACLE DATABASE, and presenting results in real-time using ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS, the performance team managed to provide the information required to optimise the giant multihull to the point that it not only beat the reigning America's Cup champions, Alinghi in their giant Catamaran but resoundingly crushed them in a power display of high-speed sailing. After two races - and two massive winning margins - the America's Cup was heading back to America - a triumph for the team, ORACLE and American technology.


  • Argonne National Laboratories predicts protein crystallization propensity from protein sequence using Oracle Data Mining. Using statistical analyses, they have identified a set of attributes correlating with a protein's propensity to crystallize and implemented a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier based on these. Argonne created applications to analyze and provide optimal boundary information for query sequences and to visualize the data.


  • "By classifying the patents, Philips IP&S is better able to analyze the patent landscape of technologies and companies. This detailed knowledge is of great strategic and commercial importance and value to Philips for the filing of new patents. Since quite some years, we have been searching for various solutions to assist us in the automatic classification of patents", says Gerard van der Ligt, Director Business Intelligence of Philips IP&S. " ... We are now able to work faster, more efficient, but foremost, we can tackle complex jobs that were impossible to do by humans before...Classification of patents has always been done by humans up to this point. ...the process can be partly automated combined with a very high precision and recall. ... Treparel has developed a special application based on Treparels proprietary technology (KMX) combined with that of Oracle Data Mining and its powerful in-database Support Vector Machine algorithm."
    -- Paul Wijdicks, Chief Commercial Officer at Treparel

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  • Check-Level Analytics is one of the tools Darden plans to use to boost sales and customer loyalty, while pulling together data from across all its operations to show how they can work together better. After a reassessment of the company's enterprise data warehouse, White's team decided to stick with its Oracle database and MicroStrategy data visualization and exploration tools. But it brought in some new tools, including Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R Enterprise, both included in the Oracle Advanced Analytics option to Oracle Database, to spot correlations and meaningful patterns in the data.

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  • Oracle Big Data Crushes Time-to-Insight for  Learn how handles over 300 billion events from millions of eager gamers every day - Oracle Big Data Appliance accelerates time to insight, while Oracle Advanced Analytics enabled one region to increase revenues by 62% from new insight.  Customer Video Customer Snapshot Story