NetBeans IDE provides free and comprehensive support for key Oracle technologies and platforms.

  • Java. NetBeans IDE offers first-class tools for Java web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile application development. It is consistently the first IDE to support the latest versions of the JDK, Java EE, and JavaFX. It provides smart overviews to help you understand and manage your applications, including ouf-of-the-box support for popular technologies such as Maven.


    With its end-to-end application development features, constantly improving Java Editor, and continual speed and performance enhancements, NetBeans IDE sets the standard for application development with cutting edge technologies out of the box.

    See: NetBeans Docs & Support

  • Oracle Database. Oracle Database can be registered and accessed directly from the IDE. The IDE supports both OCI and Thin JDBC connections to the Oracle Database. Full data access features are provided out of the box, such as the ability to read, create, update and delete data directly within the IDE, supported by a feature rich SQL Editor. 

    See: Connecting to Oracle Database from NetBeans IDE

  • Oracle WebLogic Application Server. The Oracle WebLogic Application Server can be registered in the IDE and applications can be deployed to it. Deployed applications, together with their related resources, can be viewed in the IDE.

    See: Developing an Enterprise Application for Oracle WebLogic Server

  • Oracle Cloud. The Oracle Java Cloud Service offers enterprise hosting of Java EE applications. You can connect to the Oracle Java Cloud Service directly from the IDE for easy deployment.


    See: Running Web Applications on Oracle Cloud

  • Oracle Coherence. The Oracle Coherence server can be registered and used in the IDE. Supporting tools such as code generators are provided.


    See: Oracle Coherence Plugin

  • Related Oracle Technologies. MySQL and the GlassFish Application Server have equivalent support to the Oracle Database server and the Oracle WebLogic Application server described above.