Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition

Oracle provides the technology foundation for building a complete business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) solution. Oracle Database 10g—an analysis-ready database with ETL, OLAP, and Data Mining built into the data server—and Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition (SE) allow you to rapidly develop and deploy data warehouses and data marts with an integrated array of query, reporting, analysis, desktop integration, and BI application development capabilities.

Oracle Business Intelligence SE is available standalone or as part of Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition. It includes:

Technical Information
 Oracle Business Intelligence Technical Overview White Paper (PDF)
 Reporting and Analysis Technical Overview White Paper (PDF)
 Personalized Dashboards Technical White Paper (PDF)
 Advanced Analytic Applications Technical White Paper (PDF)
 Chapter 1: Build a Personal Portal
 Chapter 2: Analyze and Share Insight
 Chapter 3: Access Spreadsheets
 Chapter 4: Build Reports
 Chapter 5: Add Reports to Your Dashboard
 Chapter 6.1: Building a Warehouse - Part 1
 Chapter 6.2: Building a Warehouse - Part 2
 Chapter 7: Building Publication-Quality Reports
 Chapter 8: Discovering New Insights About Your Data
 Chapter 9: Building Custom Business Intelligence Applications
 Chapter 10: Creating a Multidimensional Workspace