Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight

Business Analytics: Friendly, Powerful, Immediate


Oracle SOA Cloud Service (16.3.5)
with Integration Analytics service type
including Real-Time Integration Business Insight
and new Event REST API

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Powerful Dashboards, Out of the Box
You need to understand how your business is operating, as it happens. Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight gives you the information you need -- out of the box, with powerful dashboards that require no coding, configuration, or modification. Get up and running fast with a solution that delivers deep insight into your business.

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     Custom Views,
Custom Data

Your business is unique. You care about metrics that let you track your customers, your processes, and your success. Understanding your business means asking questions that can't be answered by IT alone. With Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight you have immediate access to powerful pre-configured dashboards and unlimited flexibility to create custom dashboards using metrics that are important to you.

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Engineering Not Required
Custom software for tracking business performance is expensive. Modifying your existing business applications to facilitate collection of business metrics involves complex engineering engagements. Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight lets you monitor your business without the cost or complexity of engineering engagements.

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