Oracle Traffic Director

Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is an on-board, highly available Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to optimize application-to-application communication within Oracle’s engineered systems such as Exalogic (Linux, Solaris), SPARC SuperCluster, WebLogic for Oracle Database Appliance etc. and offers the following key benefits:
  • High throughput, low latency HTTP(s), WebSocket, and TCP software load balancer.
  • Rule-based request routing and reverse proxy server. Request rate limiting, throttling and QoS tuning.
  • Flexible and fine-grained monitoring and High availability through standard based VRRP protocol.
  • High performance SSL/TLS transactions including offloading SSL, caching HTTP responses from origin server(s) and compression.
  • Built-in WebLogic optimizations such as cluster discovery, and connection persistence synchronization.
  • Mod Security based Web Application Firewall to protect back-end applications from malicious attacks like CSRF, SQL Injection and so on.

Oracle Traffic Director Overview

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