Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains)

last updated on 2010-05-13

The BigAdmin Oracle VM Server for SPARC (Logical Domains) hub is a resource for System Administrators to get information pertaining to the LDoms technology in Solaris.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC (previously called Sun Logical Domains) provides built-in and no-cost virtualization capabilities for Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise servers with Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology. This technology allows you, the user, to allocate a system's various resources, such as memory, CPUs, and devices, into logical groupings and create multiple, discrete systems, each with their own operating system, resources, and identity within a single computer system.

We Guarantee That Your Applications Will Work
If your applications were qualified to run on the Solaris 10 OS, Oracle guarantees that they will run on Logical Domains. You don't need to requalify them. For more information, see Solaris 10 Binary Application Guarantee Program. See also LDoms on the HCL.

LDoms is built into every CoolThreads system, so you do not need to purchase it separately. With the LDoms partitioning technology you can:

  • Create virtual machines each with their own sub-set of resources
  • Protect & Isolate using hardware + firmware combination

Logical Domains Manager

  • One manager per machine controls hypervisor and all its ldoms
  • Exposes CLI to administrator
  • Maps Logical Domains to physical resources

LDoms Technology
  • Each domain is a full virtual machine with a reconfigurable subset of machine resources and its own independent OS
  • Protection and isolation via SPARC hardware and LDoms Hypervisor firmware
  • Each virtual machine appears as independent machine
  • Own kernel, patches, tuning parameters
  • Own user accounts, administrators
  • Own disks
  • Own network interfaces, MAC & IP addresses
  • Start, stop and reboot independently
  • Service domains for I/O

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