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Oracle Retail Documentation

Enterprise Technical Documentation on My Oracle Support

Documentation for Oracle Retail also includes noteworthy supplemental enterprise technical documentation, available on My Oracle Support. This page lists some of the key enterprise level technical documentation available for Oracle Retail applications in the My Oracle Support knowledge base.

For a complete list of noteworthy supplemental Oracle Retail documents published to My Oracle Support by Oracle Retail, see document 989300.1, Index of Noteworthy Oracle Retail Knowledge Base Articles. Supplemental documentation includes materials such as white papers, instructional notes, and infrastructure compatibility documents.

Oracle Retail Infrastructure Compatibilities 857142.1
Index of Noteworthy Oracle Retail Knowledge Base Articles and Bill of Materials for Oracle Retail Documentation 989300.1
Oracle Retail 16.0 Enhancements Summary 2202690.1
Oracle Retail 15.0 Enhancements Summary 2089670.1
Oracle Retail 14.x Enhancements Summary 1606653.1
Oracle Retail 14.1 Enhancements Summary 1954616.1
Oracle Retail 13.x Enhancements Summary 1088183.1
Quick Start Guide to Oracle Retail Documentation 1145078.1
Oracle Retail Reference Library 13.x 1564821.1
Oracle Retail Reference Model 1564822.1
Oracle Retail Semantic Glossary 1564823.1
Oracle Retail Enterprise Implementation Best Practices 1189453.1
Oracle Retail Improved Process for Installation Guide Corrections 1307682.1
Retail Reference Architecture
Oracle Retail Reference Library Release 15.0 2097426.1
Oracle Retail Reference Library Release 14.x 1617507.1
Oracle Retail Reference Architecture Release 13.2.x 1330740.1
Oracle Retail Reference Architecture Release 13.1.x 1313281.1
Data Models
Oracle Retail 16.0 Data Models 2200398.1
Oracle Retail 15.0 Data Models 2080263.1
Oracle Retail 14.1.x Data Models 1952508.1
Oracle Retail 14.x Data Models 1606589.1
Oracle Retail 13.2.x Data Models 1296566.1
Oracle Retail 13.1.x Data Model 945584.1