Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where can I download WebUtil?

    Oracle WebUtil is included with all Oracle Forms 11g and newer installations.
    (May require a third party library, JACOB. Refer to the Forms documentation for more information about JACOB and which version is needed for the Forms version you are using.)

  • What is WebUtil?

    WebUtil provides a simple way to achieve client side integration while running Oracle Forms from a web application server like WebLogic Server. It simplifies the upgrading of older client/server applications to web deployment, and enhances the capabilities of web based Oracle Forms applications.

  • The Goals of WebUtil?

    WebUtil had an overriding goal to produce a utility that any Forms developer could use to carry out the complex tasks on the end-user machines by simply coding PL/SQL. With WebUtil, everything the programmer needs to do is exposed through a PL/SQL library.

WebUtil Features

  • Text_IO
    Read and write text files on the client machine.
  • Tool_Env
    Read client side variables
  • C API on the client
    Interface with client side C.
  • Host
    Run Host commands on the client machine
  • OLE2
    Integrate with client side OLE (e.g. Word and Excel)
  • Enhanced Host commands
    Host command can now call back into Forms!
  • Browser functions
    Integrate with the browser.
  • File transfer
    Move from between the client, application server and database.
  • File Manipulation
    Manipulate client side files.
  • Client machine information
    Read information from the client machine
    Read and write client side images
  • Get_File_Name
    Use a file selection dialog on the client machine
  • D2KWUtil features
    Client side interface into the D2KWUtil package.