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New to Java Programming Center: Getting Started

You can approach learning Java programming in many ways. Some people start by writing a simple applet or application, and go on to learn about servlets. Others need to learn about a particular technology area right away. No matter what your approach, to learn and develop applications written in the Java programming language, you must first set up the Java platform. These articles will get your started.

  • Young Developer Learning Path
  • This article describes the tools you can use to learn the Java programming language, and the appropriate path, depending on your experience.

  • Introducing the Java Platform by Dana Nourie and Monica Pawlan
  • This article introduces the Java platform and the tools to write applications.

  • Getting Started by Dana Nourie
  • This article details how to compile and run your first application.

  • Lesson: Solving Common Compiler and Interpreter Problems by Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath
  • Having trouble compiling your source code? This lesson from the Java Tutorial outlines the most common compiler and interpreter problems.

  • Java Technologies in Desktop Applications by Dana Nourie
  • This article is aimed at developers new to Java technologies. It describes the technologies involved in creating various types of desktop applications and when you might decide to use them.

  • Java Technologies for Web Applications by Dana Nourie
  • This article provides an overview of the Java technologies involved in creating various types of web applications, tells you when you might decide to use them, and provides links to get you started.

  • Getting Started With the NetBeans IDE Tutorial by Dana Nourie
  • This tutorial is aimed at those who are new to using an integrated development environment (IDE), fairly new to programming, and new to the Java platform. You'll learn to create a simple desktop application with a GUI interface and functionality that calculates overtime pay using basic features of the NetBeans IDE.

  • Java Technology Concept Map (PDF) by the Java SE Development Team
  • Learn the relationships of Java technologies.