Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c

Eclipse Based Enterprise Application Development

The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse provides an unparalleled development experience for Eclipse developers looking to leverage Oracle's Middleware, Mobile, Database and Cloud Platforms.

RESTful Web Services

  • New facets and wizards to configure and create REST Services
  • Content assist and validation for JAX-RS Annotations
  • Annotations view enhanced for JAX-RS
  • WADL Tools
  • Create RESTful Java Clients

Spring Tools

  • Includes certified version of Spring IDE
  • Additional wizards for integrating Spring with JAX-WS web services and JPA
  • WebLogic SCA support

Oracle WebLogic Server Tools

  • Integration of Oracle WebLogic Server with Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP)
  • Full support for versions 9.2 through
  • Fast iterative development using Virtual EAR and FastSwap technology to speed up local deployment
  • Support for deployment to remote servers
  • Easily utilize WebLogic Shared Libraries for modularity in Java EE applications
  • Support for JAX-WS Web Services on WebLogic versions 10.3 through 12.1.3
    • Easily create and edit Java Web Services (JWS) and Java Web Service Clients
    • Source editor validation for JWS annotations
    • Editor for JAX-WS Bindings configurations
    • WS-Policy support for Oracle Web Services Manager and WebLogic Web Services
  • Editors for a variety of WebLogic configuration files, including:
    • weblogic-application.xml
    • weblogic.xml
    • weblogic-ejb-jar.xml
    • *-jms.xml
    • JSR-88 deployment plans
  • Rich development environment for WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) including script editors, integrated WLST console, and live MBean viewers

Oracle Cloud Tools

Oracle Visual Builder Studio Support

  • Connect to projects in Oracle Visual Builder Studio
  • Perform all GIT operations with hosted source control repositories including; clone, commit, branch, merge, etc.
  • Create and edit Tasks using Eclipse Mylyn integration
  • Perform queries against Task database and create custom queries
  • Associate GIT commit transactions with Tasks
  • Synchronize Eclipse projects with repositories through a simple wizard
    • Push Eclipse projects into GIT
    • Create Maven pom files for dependent Eclipse projects
    • Populate Maven repository with Eclipse project libraries

Coherence Tools

  • Coherence Project Configuration
    • Facets
    • Library Management
    • Descriptor Generation
  • Runtime Configuration
    • Launch Config Editor
    • Run/Deploy/Debug from IDE
  • Configuration Support
    • tangosol-coherence-override.xml editor
    • cache configuration editor
    • Validation
    • Context Sensitive Help Integration
  • Grid Architecture
    • Project wizards for Grid Archive (GAR)
    • Packaging and Deployment directly to WebLogic or Coherence Servers
    • Deployment Descriptor Editors (Form based wizards / design time validation)

JPA Tools

  • Object Relational Mapping Tools for Java Persistence API
  • Generate Entities from Schema
    • Start with any database connection
    • Create Entities based on table relationships
    • Define new Entity Associations
  • Generate Entities from POJO
    • Annotate existing Java class
    • Map Pojo fields and properties to Database Schema
  • Entities Editor
    • Design view to display and edit existing entity relationships
    • Hyperlinked Navigation to Entity Source Code
  • JPA Details View
    • Edit Entity properties and relationships from the Entities Editor
  • Supports EclipseLink/TopLink, Kodo, OpenJPA, and Generic JPA Providers 161807

GlassFish Plugin for Eclipse IDE

  • Server plugins for Glassfish 3.x and 4.x 
  • Iterative deployment and debugging
  • Run applications directly from the Eclipse workspace
  • Easy access to logs and administrative consoles
  • Fully Integrated JDK Javadocs


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