Oracle Team Productivity Center

Oracle Team Productivity Center is an Application Lifecycle Management tool that enables software development teams to collaborate and work productively together when developing applications using JDeveloper.

Here are some of the key features of Oracle Team Productivity Center:

  • Team Navigator
    • Teams provide multiple groupings of users who collaborative on application development
    • Work Items provide integration with third-party ALM repositories via Connectors allowing users to query, update and create artifacts in those repositories from within JDeveloper
    • Relationships and Tags provide contextual linking and tagging of work items across different ALM repositories (such as a Task with a Bugzilla bug)
    • Changes to work items such Software Configuration Management (SCM) check-ins and Continuous Integration (CI) server build/test results are reviewable in JDeveloper IDE
    • IDE Context can be saved against a work item for quick access to opened JDeveloper files when users switch between tasks
    • Active work item can be set for shortcut access to the current task of the user
      SCM repository browsing and checkout
  • Build Dashboard 
    • Integrates both Hudson and Cruise Control build and test results into JDeveloper and links them to the work items and SCM repository check-ins
    • Build Summary details one build and enables the user to 'own' a test failure and create a work item to manage the correction of the failure
  • Chat
    • Connects the user to an XMPP Instant Message system to allow collaboration between both team members and all contacts from within the JDeveloper IDE
  • Administration Console
    • Management of users and teams held by the Team Productivity Center database
    • Connections to ALM repositories and SCM systems administered and allocated to teams
  • Connector Framework
    • Enables third party ALM repositories to be integrated into Oracle JDeveloper
    • Connectors are available for:
    • Connector Development Kit enables the creation of connectors for ALM repositories
      • published interface built on open standards
      • expose repository fields using a meta-driven user interface
      • supports basic create/update/delete operations on artifacts
      • supports a number of artifact object types each with multiple user interface definitions
      • defines what fields in each artifact type are queryable by the user and how to query them
      • sample connector together with the source code is available for download

Oracle Team Productivity Center is available for free from this Web site. It consists of:

  • Server install: a platform-independent JAR file. Full details are contained in the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Team Productivity Center Server
  • Client software: a JDeveloper extension. Available by selecting Help ->Check for Updates, or downloadable here, it is installed like any other JDeveloper extension.
  • Connectors: to integrate ALM repositories into JDeveloper. Require both a server install (as detailed in the installation guide) and installation in JDeveloper as extensions. The Oracle JDeveloper Help Center contains detailed instructions on installing connectors and using Oracle Team Productivity Center. This help is available once the client software has been installed

Technical Information