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Oracle Alloy

Oracle Alloy is a complete cloud infrastructure platform that enables partners to become cloud providers and offer a full range of cloud services to expand their businesses. Partners control the commercial and customer experience of Oracle Alloy and can customize and extend it to address their specific market needs. Partners can operate Oracle Alloy independently in their own data centers and fully control its operations to better fulfill customer and regulatory requirements.

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Expand your business and capabilities as a cloud services provider

We are excited about Oracle’s vision to allow its partners and customers to further manage and customize cloud resources, which will provide broader access to public cloud innovation across the cloud continuum. Accelerating cloud adoption, while also supporting our clients’ unique industry, market, and regulatory needs, will create new kinds of business value.”

David Wood Global Strategy Lead, Accenture Cloud First

Generate new revenue with a proven cloud platform
Expand your business using OCI’s proven, complete cloud services platform and ongoing innovation. Augment existing offerings with complementary cloud services or create brand-new revenue streams. Enter underserved or specialized markets without large up-front solution engineering efforts or capital investments.

Customize, extend, and curate offerings to deliver a superior customer experience
Provide tailored offerings for your customers and markets while retaining control over customer relationships and touchpoints, including UX and branding, commercial terms, customer support, and billing. Furthermore, you can extend the platform with specific hardware or build new services using OCI’s native tools.

Innovate globally and operate locally
With the option for full operational control, you can meet the needs of specific markets, such as regulatory requirements usually not met by the public cloud, and effectively manage resources to better fulfill customer and business requirements. Integrate existing staff and processes for customer support and cloud operations, and control the software lifecycle and timing of updates to meet your specific needs.

OCI’s Distributed Cloud: cloud services everywhere you need them

Expanding cloud options for customers with more public cloud, multicloud, hybrid cloud, and dedicated cloud capabilities.

Customize, operate, and manage your own cloud

Oracle Alloy enables partners to tailor cloud services to various markets, industries, and regional needs and own the customer experience for their cloud, including pricing, billing, support, and commercial terms.

Customize the front-end experience

A simple single UI Operator Console enables the partner to manage both their cloud region’s services and business operations.

The operating team can customize branding, including logos, color themes, and terms of use. They can also configure their customers’ front-end experience, including notifications and announcements.

Account branding and customization

Customer lifecycle management

Through the console, the operating team can monitor capacity usage, order increases, order different infrastructure to match changing business needs, and input capacity forecasts.

Built-in subscription capabilities enable the partner to manage pricing for end customers, set the account status, and create custom rate cards for specific customer groups. A preconfigured instance of Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials enables the operating team to manage the customer lifecycle, including invoicing and billing their customers.

Sample billing dashboard

Account setup and tracking

With specialized admin account control and access privileges, the operating team can define the account sign-up process, policy language, and default privileges for their customers, add new accounts, and set service limits.

The operating team can also track and optimize spending with easy-to-use visualization tools, generate charts, and download business reports showing aggregated cost data on cloud, customer, and service usage.

Multiple account summary view

“We see Oracle Alloy as a valuable new offering that will not only make it easier for our customers to build and run their own applications and services but also enable us to better integrate our own financial applications and customers’ systems. Oracle Alloy has the potential to help us further improve the business value for our financial services customers.”

Tomoshiro Takemoto Senior Executive Managing Director, NRI

The power of the cloud in your hands

1. Industry and regulated tech providers

With a greater degree of control of their cloud to meet sovereignty and regulatory requirements, regulated technology providers can become trusted cloud partners and bring innovative services to regulated markets such as finance, healthcare, and local governments looking to modernize.

2. Managed service providers and global system integrators

Organizations operating as cloud providers and having access to an optimized cloud platform can offer a comprehensive portfolio of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions, identify additional revenue streams, and expand their relationships with existing clients—and acquire new ones.

3. Independent software vendors (ISVs)

With a full portfolio of cloud services now available in their data center, ISVs can easily shift revenue streams from licensing to services, improve customer experience and deployment, build their own native cloud services using the extensibility of the OCI platform, and operate in specific locations to meet performance and regulatory needs.

Becoming an Oracle Alloy partner

Becoming an Oracle Alloy partner  diagram, description below
The diagram shows Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on the left, Oracle Alloy setup at partner in the middle, and end customers on the right. The partner section includes icons for Oracle Alloy setup – branding, billing, operations, and CRM capabilities, and the partner infrastructure and applications. The Oracle section includes icons for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, training, and support services OCI provides to Oracle Alloy Partner. The end customer has access to all custom branded OCI services set by Oracle Alloy Partner.

Once a partner purchases Oracle Alloy and it is deployed, the partner effectively becomes a regional cloud service provider. While Oracle maintains a direct relationship with the Oracle Alloy partner, the partner retains a direct relationship with end customers.

Oracle Alloy partners can manage the full lifecycle of their customers. The partner’s sales teams can now sell cloud subscriptions structured similarly to OCI's commercial model or customize pricing and service availability for their markets. To effectively run the business, OCI provides tools to monitor and maintain cloud service uptime, track and analyze utilization, and manage capacity.

To further tailor the customer experience and meet certain regulations, the partner’s staff can provide frontline customer support as well as independently manage all standard operational tasks, such as basic patching and service updates. They can depend on Oracle teams for service troubleshooting, nonstandard upgrades, resolving outages, and escalations.

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Oracle provides both the technology and the guidance you need to succeed at every step of your journey, from planning and adoption through to continuous innovation.

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