Engage with Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs

Engage with Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs

How to Engage

You can engage with Oracle Cloud Solution Hubs in a number of ways—whatever works best for you. Go on a self-paced exploration with a hands-on lab; dig deep in a one-on-one discussion with a cloud coach; watch a live demo from the comfort of your office. To start your journey today, click on one of the engagement methods below.

Request a Cloud Coach

Have you been tasked with a project and need help getting it off the ground and into the cloud? We can help! Cloud coaches are Oracle's cloud-native developers who can help architect and design cloud solutions to problems that your organization is facing. To learn more about cloud coaches and how they can help you, click on the link.

Request a Demo

Already have a specific service in mind that you'd like to see and learn more about? We can show you. Just click the link and we'll schedule one of our engineers to present to you online. We incorporate and use open source, third-party tools from the developer community that drive innovation in business. Let us show you.

Tech Talks

Oracle solution engineers provide free online technical demos and overviews on a wide range of application development topics including compute usage, databases, microservices, containers, DevOps, API management, and more. If you miss the live event you can still view the sessions on a day and at a time that best fit your schedule.

Virtual Workshop

Get hands-on with your Oracle Cloud trial. Join us for a free, two-hour online workshop during which Oracle solution engineers will walk you through a series of labs that are structured in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. As you work your way through the lab there will be Oracle solution engineers available to answer your questions—you'll almost forget you're not actually in a classroom.

Hands-On Labs

If you haven't had a chance to see some of the hands-on labs we've created and delivered on DevOps topics, check these out. Hands-on labs are accessible from your Oracle Cloud trial account and will give you firsthand experience with Oracle Cloud services.