Oracle Employee Resource Groups

Our Employees Drive Our Business Success

Innovating Through Diverse Perspectives

Leveraging the thought leadership of all employees increases business success and drives creativity. At Oracle, we leverage employee resource and affinity groups to create a culture of belonging and community for all our employees. These collective communities brand Oracle internally and externally as an employer of choice.

Benefits of Oracle Employee Resource Groups

  • Engagement
  • Development
  • Recognition
  • Collaborate with customers, partners, and stakeholders
  • Community
  • Recruitment
  • Retention

Connecting with Your Peers

African-American Business Leadership for Excellence
African-American Business Leadership for Excellence

Enrich the professional development of African-American employees and advance diversity and inclusion through fostering, mentoring, recruiting, retaining, and community engagement.

Hispanic Oracle Leadership Association
Oracle Latino Alliance

Develop and nurture the leadership abilities of Latino employees to maximize their contributions and to drive innovation and professional growth.

Military and Veteran Employment Network
Military and Veteran Employment Network

Enrich the professional development of veterans through fostering, mentoring, recruitment, retention, and community engagement to advance diversity and inclusion and to drive business outcomes.

Oracle Pride Employee Network: LGBT and Allies
Oracle Pride Employee Network

Network with each other for support and work to educate Oracle and the community about relevant issues, especially as they relate to diversity in the workplace (US, EMEA, APAC and LAD).

Oracle Professional Asian Leadership
Oracle Professional Asian Leadership

Inspire unity and leadership through professional development, mentorship, cultural awareness, and knowledge sharing. Oracle Professional Asian Leadership (OPAL) is focused on using retention, recruitment, and community engagement to achieve diversity and inclusion.

Joyce Westerdahl photo
Each of our employees is part of a remarkable organization with a powerful vision—a vision that attracts the best candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, lifestyles, skills, and experiences.
—Joyce Westerdahl, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Oracle
Diane Mathis photo
Employee Resource Groups enable you to take on risks and challenges outside of your immediate networks and are phenomenal ways to use and enhance your leadership skills.
—Diane Mathis, Customer Success Manager, Oracle
Kate Fisher photo
I appreciate that Oracle didn’t dictate how to share my decision to transition genders, but allowed me to be authentic and deal with it in my own way.
—Kate Fisher, Principal Sales Engineer, Cloud and Infrastructure, Oracle

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