Oracle Diversity Internship Programs

Developing Future STEM Leaders

Encouraging Diverse Talent to Lead our Future

Internships are an opportunity to develop Oracle’s future talent. Our internships encourage interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and provide real-world work experience. We also provide interns with a professional and personal tool they can use throughout their careers.

Corporate Scholars Internship

Corporate Scholars Internship

Oracle partners with UNCF, which awards the nation’s largest private scholarships to minorities.

  • Offers eight-week internships with a competitive wage
  • Provides roundtrip travel, corporate housing, rental car access, and scholarships
  • Awards scholarships to 1,100 schools across the country
  • Includes 37 prestigious, historically black colleges and universities
Corporate Scholars Internship
Injured Veteran Internship

Injured Veteran Internship

Provides corporate work experience to veterans transitioning from the military.

  • One-year internship with a competitive wage
  • Professional and personal development of veterans injured in Afghanistan or Iraq
Injured Veteran Internship Program (PDF)
Ability Matters Internship

Ability Matters Internship

Provides experiences and opportunities in STEM-related fields to individuals with disabilities.

  • Offers a one-year internship with a competitive wage
  • Equips individuals with the 21st century skills needed in today’s workplace

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