Oracle Inclusive Workplace

A Workplace as Unique as You

Workplace Flexibility Equals Increased Innovation

Our employees share in the future of IT innovation. Forcing employees into a cookie-cutter work environment not only stifles the creativity we seek but would also restrict innovation and individual productivity.

US Minority Representation

Workplace Flexibility

Workplace Flexibility

We have increased workplace flexibility to provide you with the following resources:

  • Offer virtual workplace model
  • Foster individual growth and develop future leaders
  • Accommodate differing abilities
  • Encourage open communication and collaboration
Disability Inclusion Programs

Disability Inclusion Programs

At Oracle, abilities matter. We are committed to attracting, hiring, supporting, and retaining talent with diverse abilities.

  • Oracle Accessibility Program Office
  • Oracle Interpreter Services Program
  • Reasonable accommodations
  • Accessibility/Disability Resource Guide
Individual Growth and Success

Individual Growth and Success

Oracle’s talent and development organization focuses on tools and learning solutions for organizational success.

  • Maximize employee performance and career success
  • Achieve development goals
  • Manage team for peak performance
  • Increase leadership capabilities and develop organizations

“We’re focused on being a destination company for talented people who want to grow their careers in an environment that values diversity, teamwork, and the ability to execute Oracle’s strategy.”

—Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle

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