Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Promoting Data Privacy
and Security

Safeguarding Information in a Connected World

Oracle is committed to promoting data privacy and security for our customers, partners, and employees around the world.

Oracle enforces corporate policies and practices designed to protect the personal information in its possession. We provide data privacy and information protection awareness training to employees, which defines how customer and employee information should be managed. We also work to raise general public awareness by sponsoring a global Data Privacy Day and participating in privacy-related seminars and events.

Oracle is a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program, a leading internet privacy certification seal, and we have self-certified our privacy practices in accordance with the United States/European Union Safe Harbor program.


Many Oracle products are built with features designed to provide privacy and security controls for personal data, including the following.

  • Role-based access to help ensure that only users with proper permissions can access and edit sensitive data
  • Audit controls to allow organizations to track and report data activity
  • Label security to allow organizations to classify and manage access to their data
  • Features to ensure that virtual private databases collect and display only the classes of data approved for use
  • Anonymization and data-masking tools to support privacy policies and practices

Oracle works to develop privacy policies and practices that protect consumers while enabling the flow of information in a manner consistent with today's digital economy. We take several measures to support this goal, including the following.

  • Working closely with other industry leaders as well as governing bodies and nongovernmental organizations
  • Providing leadership to important privacy working groups such as the Business Expert Group on Cloud Computing, established by the European Commission

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