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member institutions worldwide in FY14

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educators trained across 100 countries in FY14

In today's world, technology is ubiquitous across industries, and an understanding of computer science is essential to effective participation in the global economy. As a global program supporting computer science education, Oracle Academy enables educators everywhere to inspire and prepare millions of students to become the innovators and leaders of the future.

Oracle Academy supports continuous computer science learning at all levels, and makes available a variety of resources including technology, curriculum and courseware, student and educator training, and certification and exam preparation materials to support the development of computer science knowledge and skills. Students develop IT and business skills while using industry-leading software, and educators keep pace with current technology through ongoing professional development. Education is a prerequisite to community stability, economic prosperity, and future innovation, and students and educators who engage with Oracle Academy gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge that enrich their futures.

Oracle Academy’s Alice and Greenfoot workshops allow students to work collaboratively, gain hands-on programming experience, and develop computational thinking skills.

Expanding Student Resources

Over the last two years, Oracle Academy increased its offerings to support student learning. During the 2013 to 2014 academic year, Oracle Academy and Carnegie Mellon University worked together with students from four universities in Jordan to translate the Alice software program into Arabic, creating new opportunities for Arabic-speaking students to learn Java programming. Additionally, Oracle Academy introduced several new resources, including Alice and Greenfoot self-study courses and a data science boot camp, which enable students and educators around the world to learn computer science and Java programming at their own pace. Students also have access to a number of resources that are developed and used by Oracle professionals worldwide, including the Oracle Learning Library and Oracle Press books.

Engaging with Oracle Experts

An excellent program that helped me become more aware of the promise to teach and spread the concepts of programming to my students in various ways. Well done, Oracle!

—Stefanos Merliaountas, IT Teacher, 26th Primary School of Nikea, Greece

Engaging with Oracle Experts

In 2014, Oracle Academy launched its popular Ask the Oracle Experts webcast and podcast series to bring topical computer science information to students and educators around the globe. Monthly webcasts are recorded live, offering participants the opportunity to engage directly with Oracle experts in areas such as cloud computing, social media, big data, and database technology. Supporting podcasts offer deeper insights and technical discussions for anyone who wants to learn more.

Oracle Academy curriculum is developed collaboratively with Oracle product and computer science experts, and educator training is delivered by technology experts. Members of the Oracle Academy community also have opportunities to engage with Oracle professionals by participating in Java Community Forums, Oracle user groups, and Oracle Technology Network.

Collaborating in the Community
Competitions and Hackathons

Oracle Academy is proud to sponsor student competitions and hackathons that challenge and inspire students to solve real-world problems and expand their technology skills.

Collaborating in the Community

In partnership with Oracle Volunteers, Oracle Women's Leadership, and Oracle employee affinity groups, Oracle Academy works directly in communities and schools to provide mentoring and visible role models to develop and deepen participation in computer science, especially for girls, young women, and underrepresented populations. Oracle Academy also collaborates with a variety of community organizations to further expand access to computer science education. Through Oracle Academy Open Days, student workshops, computing conferences, girls in IT events, hackathons, competitions, summer camps, and guest lectures, students experience firsthand how to be creators, and not just users, of technology.

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