Oracle Education Foundation

Oracle Education Foundation

The Oracle Education Foundation (OEF) is a nonprofit organization funded by Oracle and staffed by Oracle employees. OEF’s board of directors is chaired by Oracle CEO Safra Catz. Its mission is to help young people develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems. students innovate at Oracle OpenWorld.

Teaching Coding, Engineering, and Design Thinking

In OEF’s program, Oracle Volunteers coach students through multiday workshops on the intersection of design thinking and STEAM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Students learn coding, electrical engineering, and user-centered design from real practitioners, and then apply their skills and knowledge to prototyping solutions in domains such as wearable technology, Internet of Things, data visualization, facility automation, 3-D design, and experiential game design.

Coaching students through these 30-hour workshops—and learning and problem-solving alongside them—gives Oracle Volunteers a deep sense of purpose. Educational interaction with some of Silicon Valley’s best technologists and business professionals gives students access to tremendous human capital.

Oracle Breaks Ground on a Home for
Oracle Breaks Ground on a Home for

On August 12, 2016, Oracle broke ground for the construction of a new home for at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.

Wearable Tech Workshop for Girls
OEF Wearable Technology Workshop for Girls

Twenty-two ninth-grade girls participated in OEF’s first wearable technology workshop. Hear what the students and Oracle Volunteer coaches have to say about the experience.

Steel Signing Ceremony for at Oracle
Steel-Signing Ceremony for at Oracle

On November 7, 2016, OEF invited students and faculty to join Oracle and its entire facility team for a steel-signing ceremony to commemorate the construction of at Oracle.

Gorillas in the Classroom
Gorillas in the Classroom: Teen Data Scientists’ Discoveries

From “gorillas in the mist” to “gorillas in the cloud,” Oracle now brings Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund data into the classroom. In OEF’s Data Visualization workshop, students extract knowledge from data. Students Intern with Oracle Education Foundation Students Intern with Oracle Education Foundation students Whitney and Jadene start a three-year internship with OEF, working with coaches and coaching their peers in OEF workshops on coding, engineering, and user-centered design.

Oracle Volunteers Help OEF Reinvent Education
Oracle Volunteers Help OEF Reinvent Education

Oracle Volunteers share what they love most about coaching Design Tech High School students in the Oracle Education Foundation’s program.

Oracle,, and DES codesign a school facility.

Design Tech High School at Oracle

OEF has been developing and piloting its new program with Design Tech High School (, a California public charter school that opened in 2014. The model emphasizes extreme personalization and putting knowledge into action. The school’s mission is to develop students who believe that the world can be a better place and that they can be the ones to make it happen. This mission relies on building optimism and self-efficacy. To that end, students are taught to solve real-world problems using a design-thinking approach similar to that taught at the Institute of Design at Stanford (

Oracle and OEF see such enormous potential in’s pioneering model that, in October 2015, Oracle announced plans to construct the school a home—a 64,000-square-foot, LEED-certified, bespoke facility on the company’s headquarters campus. When it takes occupancy in 2018 with 550 students and 30 staff, will be the only public high school in the US to be located on a tech company’s campus, while remaining fully autonomous.

Oracle Education Foundation: FY15–FY17

116 unique volunteers
146 volunteering instances            
5,724 volunteer hours donated

273 unique students
563 student instances

  • students demo their prototypes

    At Oracle OpenWorld 2016, students demo their prototypes for Oracle CEO Safra Catz.

  • Students build their prototypes

    Students build their prototypes at OEF’s soldering station.

  • Several students collaborate on a project

    Several students collaborate on a project in OEF’s data visualization workshop.

  • 3-D design workshop

    A student engages with an Oracle Volunteer coach in the 3-D design workshop.

  • Students and parents celebrate the groundbreaking of’s new home

    Students and parents celebrate the groundbreaking of’s new home on Oracle’s campus.

  • Students sign a steel beam

    Students sign a steel beam to commemorate their role in helping design the new facility at Oracle.

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